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From ascherbakoff <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] ignite pull request #3216: Ignite 2.1.7 p3
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2017 21:50:52 GMT
GitHub user ascherbakoff opened a pull request:


    Ignite 2.1.7 p3

    Release TC run.

You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull https://github.com/gridgain/apache-ignite ignite-2.1.7-p3

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:


To close this pull request, make a commit to your master/trunk branch
with (at least) the following in the commit message:

    This closes #3216
commit 943736b36d67381157fc2807cd7af4b03d44fef3
Author: nikolay_tikhonov <ntikhonov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-24T15:58:16Z

    Revert "IGNITE-5947 Fixed "ClassCastException when two-dimensional array is fetched from
    * Due to this changes break compatibility with .NET;
    * This fix doesn't cover all cases.
    Signed-off-by: nikolay_tikhonov <ntikhonov@gridgain.com>

commit c2e836b5b9b183404f4507c64c13ab5c05653d24
Author: EdShangGG <eshangareev@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-24T16:15:24Z

    ignite-6175 JVM Crash in Ignite Binary Objects Simple Mapper Basic suite
    Signed-off-by: Andrey Gura <agura@apache.org>

commit b2b596b4f59bcf7a1b7397a6fd681a0ae47092db
Author: Andrey Novikov <anovikov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-25T03:48:15Z

    IGNITE-5200 Web Console: Don't cache generated chunks in production.
    (cherry picked from commit e1eb1b9)

commit 9399610d2dd4b67b1da6475ce2141787fb8dbb0e
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-25T10:12:32Z

    ignite-6180: restoring marshaller mappings on node start is implemented

commit 5bda4090f1580ea7b6557c8716e57a12572c322f
Author: Ivan Rakov <ivan.glukos@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-24T15:18:31Z

    IGNITE-6178 Make CheckpointWriteOrder.SEQUENTIAL and checkpointingThreads=4 default in
persistent store confguration

commit 316312d2ae9015228e67f959e492b2c5c4a9366d
Author: Dmitry Pavlov <dpavlov.spb@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-07-27T11:51:25Z

    ignite-5682 Added stale version check for GridDhtPartFullMessage not related to exchange.
    (cherry picked from commit eb9d06d)

commit 6f7011aa9c69280c76e03335ce4851a38cfc334e
Author: sboikov <sboikov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-25T13:59:02Z

    Added test for rebalance after restart.

commit d31c43c1465ec33f9a1be81dedb958296ecc5068
Author: sboikov <sboikov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-25T14:50:01Z

    Increment GridDhtPartitionMap update sequence when assign new state on coordinator.

commit 85fd8ce91f1e5827600aa32645552039e5a2298a
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-25T18:23:19Z

    Fixed update sequence.

commit 8c249b77533c95a4bef3d19ca583feb992322325
Author: Eduard Shangareev <eshangareev@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-26T14:01:46Z

    GG-12609: Fixed OOM at initiator during LIST

commit a857c5ba5a24f41b5ebfaef0a15fde2906a7e0fd
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-26T14:21:44Z

    Fixed update sequence.

commit fc55ade9b5a586fb39701b4e8b7ce2105bff2fd0
Author: Sergey Chugunov <sergey.chugunov@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-26T18:44:13Z

    IGNITE-6124: fix for lastVer field on GridDhtPartitionsSingleMessage message

commit a01837b5028fc8739e16658d85ffe64aad01afdb
Author: Eduard Shangareev <eshangareev@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-27T14:30:21Z

    GG-12682 Restart cluster during snapshot RESTORE fails

commit 4907f7d87a08fb5ca5d4d74ef8b61db0fd207855
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-28T11:58:50Z

    Fixed update sequence.

commit 5a6808f13e1f55ae76afb8f6b201396f3340a351
Author: Andrey V. Mashenkov <andrey.mashenkov@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-28T09:31:15Z

    Disable leading wildcard in query.
    (cherry picked from commit 75cc957)

commit ac7f21298f8fd49c2a42034fb955d3c78089ed70
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-28T17:31:18Z

    gg-12688 : Fixed updateSequence in ClientTopology.

commit eb5c4d081dca1bc9ba666960afe9a4da7c76d5b2
Author: devozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-29T07:56:26Z

    Merge branch 'ignite-2.1.4' into ignite-2.1.5

commit 8b47ffb886a8db950dd42ce0cae84870356ab90b
Author: tledkov-gridgain <tledkov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-29T07:53:48Z

    IGNITE-6118: JDBC thin driver: added lazy execution flag. This closes #2491.

commit 5df5e2cc0e42a073de9107014876a4b646dd1b65
Author: Andrey Gura <agura@apache.org>
Date:   2017-08-29T10:14:02Z

    Minor. Typo fixed.

commit 8241ea40e88ea586c8bbfb41cdd1c0f838c7be7a
Author: Igor Sapego <isapego@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-29T13:59:50Z

    IGNITE-6122: Propagated SqlFieldsQuery.lazy property for C++.
    (cherry picked from commit 8fd4f74)

commit bd6ae0f0aa6b6b24ad06f1ecbff1c223107a2cab
Author: tledkov-gridgain <tledkov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-29T14:18:15Z

    IGNITE-4642: Added "enforceJoinOrder" and "lazy" flags to thick JDBC driver. This closes

commit 054955e6a2d87b209eedb58805695bf1e35be06f
Author: devozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-29T14:20:04Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/ignite-2.1.5' into ignite-2.1.5

commit 6c45edeaf83f94a9c0539d9768dd8be0e25dc36e
Author: Pavel Tupitsyn <ptupitsyn@apache.org>
Date:   2017-08-29T15:35:49Z

    IGNITE-6178 .NET: Fix PersistentStoreConfiguration.CheckpointingThreads default value
    This closes #2511
    (cherry picked from commit 08a831f)

commit 3eed5e6f49dfcbc0b16b7fa71f71fe8fd2a7463f
Author: vsisko <vsisko@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-30T09:43:17Z

    IGNITE-6223 Fixed NPE when data is null on job fail.

commit b26f5f1027c1b9c13a6106ad3162551d666ef8a0
Author: Ilya Kasnacheev <ilya.kasnacheev@gmail.com>
Date:   2017-08-30T13:20:45Z

    IGNITE-6125: JDBC thick: several fixes to JdbcDatabaseMetadata. This closes #2506.

commit 01c627a0a36692a045a646d4d165820bb3b7cf04
Author: Ilya Lantukh <ilantukh@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-30T13:58:32Z

    gg-12686 : Fixed null CacheMapHolder if node is restarted with partition in RENTING state.
    Signed-off-by: Andrey Gura <agura@apache.org>

commit 2ef22f523f5162574a31d3c7eb45e8edb5e3f2b8
Author: tledkov-gridgain <tledkov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-31T08:03:18Z

    IGNITE-5409: JDBC thin: added schema to connection URL. This closes #2179.

commit 67d5c6e45ba00a8b59289436c83f2d428b502d74
Author: Andrey Gura <agura@apache.org>
Date:   2017-08-31T12:04:30Z

    Merge branch 'ignite-2.1.4' into ignite-2.1.5

commit e1cbe2b7358691e5f082b457723285c61d36c15b
Author: tledkov-gridgain <tledkov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-31T14:03:44Z

    IGNITE-5425 JDBC thin driver: don't throw unsupported exception on ClientInfo methods.
This closes #2184. This closes #2525.

commit 3a2eebe35e24391f4d61068af99246516f759d21
Author: devozerov <vozerov@gridgain.com>
Date:   2017-08-31T14:05:56Z

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/ignite-2.1.5' into ignite-2.1.5



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