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From Dmitriy Setrakyan <dsetrak...@apache.org>
Subject Quality of log INFO-level output
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2018 22:46:33 GMT

While testing the release, I have noticed that we output a lot of garbage,
almost trace level information into the log. Moreover, such information is
logged every time a topology changes.

Here are examples:

> Finished waiting for partition release future
> [topVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2, minorTopVer=0], waitTime=0ms,
> futInfo=NA]
> [22:32:06,624][INFO][grid-nio-worker-tcp-comm-0-#25][TcpCommunicationSpi]
> Accepted incoming communication connection [locAddr=/,
> rmtAddr=/]
> [22:32:06,663][INFO][exchange-worker-#42][GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture]
> Finished waiting for partitions release latch: ServerLatch [permits=0,
> pendingAcks=[], super=CompletableLatch [id=exchange,
> topVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2, minorTopVer=0]]]
> [22:32:06,664][INFO][exchange-worker-#42][GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture]
> Finished waiting for partition release future
> [topVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2, minorTopVer=0], waitTime=0ms,
> futInfo=NA]
> [22:32:06,667][INFO][exchange-worker-#42][time] Finished exchange init
> [topVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2, minorTopVer=0], crd=true]
> [22:32:06,676][INFO][sys-#46][GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture] Coordinator
> received single message [ver=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2,
> minorTopVer=0], node=bf2a5abd-4a7c-4a89-b760-1b8c8021cff3, allReceived=true]
> [22:32:06,694][INFO][sys-#46][GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture] Coordinator
> received all messages, try merge [ver=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2,
> minorTopVer=0]]
> [22:32:06,694][INFO][sys-#46][GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture]
> finishExchangeOnCoordinator [topVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2,
> minorTopVer=0], resVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2, minorTopVer=0]]
> [22:32:06,703][INFO][sys-#46][GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture] Finish
> exchange future [startVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2,
> minorTopVer=0], resVer=AffinityTopologyVersion [topVer=2, minorTopVer=0],
> err=null]

The information above does not belong at INFO level. This is a debug level
or trace level output. I understand that it makes it easier to solve user
issues, but in this case we should create a separate log category and log
this stuff into a separate file.

Given that 2.6 is becoming an emergency release, I have filed a blocker
ticket for 2.7: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/IGNITE-8802


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