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From Anton Kalashnikov <kaa....@yandex.ru>
Subject Re: Replacing default work dir from tmp to current dir
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2019 10:27:22 GMT
Hello, Igniters.

There are a lot of variants was already proposed lets vote to one of them. I made a list of
possible paths which was mentioned earlier. I also included variants outside of home directory('user.dir')
to this list but I want to notes that we had already discussed it and we decided to choose
some path in home directory rather outside of that. Also If you have any other variants feel
free to add it.

1) ~/.ignite/work
2) ~/ignite/work
3) ~/.config/ignite/work


+1 for '~/.ignite/work'

Best regards,
Anton Kalashnikov

26.08.2019, 12:39, "Nikolay Izhikov" <nizhikov@apache.org>:
> Ilya,
>>  In development environment one can just run Java from /var/lib/ignite
> Actually, I doesn't understand you.
> Are you talking about development of some application that uses Ignite or contribution
to Ignite code base?
> If we are talking about some application that uses Ignite then we should decide, which
scenario is primary.
> (One more time, we are talking about PDS enabled caches):
> 1. Ignite server node started as separate java process.
> 2. Ignite server node embedded in application as a library.
> I think, for PDS enabled cashes first case is primary.
> In that case, user should install Ignite via some package(deb, rpm, docker, etc).
> This package should done all required configuration.
> Including directory permissions.
> This should be done like other DBMS do.
> If we are talking about embedded Ignite then we can ask the user to provide sufficient
permission for default dir or change dir to some other.
> So, I still think we should use /var/lig/ignite for PDS data.
> How it sounds?
> В Пн, 26/08/2019 в 12:23 +0300, Ilya Kasnacheev пишет:
>>  Hello!
>>  In development environment one can just run Java from /var/lib/ignite
>>  (makes total sense) and will immediately get almost correct behavior (well,
>>  data will be stored to /var/lib/ignite/ignite/work)
>>  However, I still think that we should write to user.dir/ignite and not just
>>  user.dir since current directory is often crowded.
>>  Fellows, anyone who is against using user.dir? Please share your concerns.
>>  Regards,

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