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From Denis Garus <garus....@gmail.com>
Subject Coding guidelines. Useless JavaDoc comments.
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2019 08:41:53 GMT

I think it's time to change coding guidelines in part of JavaDoc comments
>> Every method, field or initializer public, private or protected in
>> inner or anonymous type should have at least minimal Javadoc comments
>> description and description of parameters using @param, @return and
@throws Javadoc tags,
>> where applicable.

Let's look at JavaDoc comments in the IgniteKernal class:


/** */ - 15 matches.

What can you get new from these comments?

/** Periodic starvation check interval. */
private static final long PERIODIC_STARVATION_CHECK_FREQ = 1000 * 30;

/** Long jvm pause detector. */
private LongJVMPauseDetector longJVMPauseDetector;

/** Scheduler. */
    private IgniteScheduler scheduler;

/** Stop guard. */
    private final AtomicBoolean stopGuard = new AtomicBoolean();

     * @param cfg Configuration to use.
     * @param utilityCachePool Utility cache pool.
     * @param execSvc Executor service.
     * @param sysExecSvc System executor service.
     * @param stripedExecSvc Striped executor.
     * @param p2pExecSvc P2P executor service.
     * @param mgmtExecSvc Management executor service.
     * @param igfsExecSvc IGFS executor service.
     * @param dataStreamExecSvc data stream executor service.
     * @param restExecSvc Reset executor service.
     * @param affExecSvc Affinity executor service.
     * @param idxExecSvc Indexing executor service.
     * @param callbackExecSvc Callback executor service.
     * @param qryExecSvc Query executor service.
     * @param schemaExecSvc Schema executor service.
     * @param customExecSvcs Custom named executors.
     * @param errHnd Error handler to use for notification about startup
     * @param workerRegistry Worker registry.
     * @param hnd Default uncaught exception handler used by thread pools.
     * @throws IgniteCheckedException Thrown in case of any errors.
    public void start(
        final IgniteConfiguration cfg,
        ExecutorService utilityCachePool,
        final ExecutorService execSvc,
        final ExecutorService svcExecSvc,
        final ExecutorService sysExecSvc,
        final StripedExecutor stripedExecSvc,
        ExecutorService p2pExecSvc,
        ExecutorService mgmtExecSvc,
        ExecutorService igfsExecSvc,
        StripedExecutor dataStreamExecSvc,
        ExecutorService restExecSvc,
        ExecutorService affExecSvc,
        @Nullable ExecutorService idxExecSvc,
        IgniteStripedThreadPoolExecutor callbackExecSvc,
        ExecutorService qryExecSvc,
        ExecutorService schemaExecSvc,
        @Nullable final Map<String, ? extends ExecutorService>
        GridAbsClosure errHnd,
        WorkersRegistry workerRegistry,
        Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler hnd,
        TimeBag startTimer

These comments look ugly and useless, and that is the main class of core.
Why do they need us?
Let us change the coding guidelines in part of JavaDoc comments:
Every method public API should have at least minimal Javadoc comments,
including description and description of parameters using @param, @return,
and @throws Javadoc tags,
where applicable.
For internal API, JavaDoc comments should be optional. It's up to a
contributor or reviewer.

What are you think?


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