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From Павлухин Иван <vololo...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Metastore disappears in Docker on restarts
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2019 22:05:27 GMT

Actually binary metadata is not stored in a metastore (however there
were a discussion about moving it). User scenario is valid. A
meaningful exception and documentation are good.

And also I can think about revisiting a needed configuration for
persistence in containerized environments. It might be perfectly sane
that user does not want to configure IGNITE_HOME and work directory
pointing to a persistent volume. I think that there should a single
option to point all persistent stuff an appropriate directory (other
options to redirect WAL could be also provided). With a such option a
new user will have less chances to misconfigure.

2019-08-19 22:18 GMT+11:00, Denis Magda <dmagda@apache.org>:
> Dmitry G. and Igniters,
> Seems there is another issue with the metastore that is related to a Docker
> environment:
> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57529702/ignite-persisting-a-set-cannot-find-metadata-for-object-with-compact-footer/57537838#57537838
> In short, this exception is generated on a restart (more details are on
> SO):
> Cannot find metadata for object with compact footer: 2097659979
> I see two ways to troubleshoot this configuration and usability issue:
>    1. To provide a self-explanatory exception so that the users can fix the
>    configuration error easily, like "... This exception can happen if
>    IGNITE_WORK dir points out to a folder that can be or remounted on
> restarts"
>    2. Create a special documentation section explaining how to set
>    IGNITE_WORK dir for virtualized environments.
> Does this sound right? Any better, probably automatic solution?
> -
> Denis

Best regards,
Ivan Pavlukhin

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