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From Roman Kondakov <kondako...@mail.ru.INVALID>
Subject Re: Calcite based SQL query engine. Local queries
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2019 15:36:46 GMT
Hi Igor!

IMO we need to maintain the backward compatibility between old and new 
query engines as much as possible. And therefore we shouldn't change the 
behavior of local queries.

So, for local queries Calcite's planner shouldn't consider the 
distribution trait at all.

Kind Regards
Roman Kondakov

On 01.11.2019 17:07, Seliverstov Igor wrote:
> Hi Igniters,
> Working on new generation of Ignite SQL I faced a question: «Do we need local queries
at all and, if so, what semantic they should have?».
> Current planing flow consists of next steps:
> 1) Parsing SQL to AST
> 2) Validating AST (against Schema)
> 3) Optimizing (Building execution graph)
> 4) Splitting (into query fragments which executes on target nodes)
> 5) Mapping (query fragments to nodes/partitions)
> At last step we check that all Fragment sources (a table or result) have the same distribution
(in other words all sources have to be co-located)
> Planner and Splitter guarantee that all caches in a Fragment are co-located, an Exchange
is produced otherwise. But if we force local execution we cannot produce Exchanges, that means
we may face two non-co-located caches inside a single query fragment (result of local query
planning is a single query fragment). So, we cannot pass the check.
> Should we throw an exception or omit the check for local query planning or prohibit local
queries at all?
> Your thoughts?
> Regards,
> Igor

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