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From ткаленко кирилл <tkalkir...@yandex.ru>
Subject [DISCUSSION] Add autocompletion for commands in control.sh
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2020 14:46:55 GMT
Hello, folks!

I spent time to analyze the possibility of adding auto completion for the "control.sh" with
the [1].

To do this, at the beginning, we need to adapt the "control.sh" code to [1], then we can automatically
create a "bash completion script" via [2], and then install it, for example, with the "source"
command and the "control.sh" script itself via "install".

This is only possible for nix systems.

It is theoretically possible to add the "control.sh" extension via plugins and auto-generate
"bash completion script".

Thus, I propose a plan:
1)Adapt "control.sh" to [1];
2)Automatic creation of "bash completion script" for the release build;
3)Adding extensibility "control.sh" and automatic re-creation of "bash completion script".

What do you think, comments?

[1] - https://picocli.info/
[2] - https://picocli.info/autocomplete.html#_completion_script_generation_details

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