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From Ivan Daschinsky <ivanda...@apache.org>
Subject [DISCUSSION] Documentation of thin clients (python, php, nodejs)
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2021 19:15:41 GMT
Igniters, there are some questions regarding the documentation state
of thin clients.

Recently, we have released pyignite 0.4.0. Traditionally,
documentation for python thin client is autogenerated from source and
contains in the same git repository, as the client itself.
Documentation is autogenerated and hosted in familiar for python
developers manner -- on readthedocs.io (Namely,

I suppose the same statement is true for other separately developed
clients (nodejs, php).

So I'd like to discuss a current documentation approach for thin clients.
1. I strongly believe that the main documentation site for at least
python thin client should be readthedocs.io.
2. Documentation should be maintained in the same repository as the
thin client itself.
3. As the main documentation's version is tightly coupled with ignite
release cycle, it is by default outdated and doesn't resemble the
latest version of thin client.

I suggest just remove all documentation from the main docs except
simple installation instruction (i.e. pip install pyignite) and link
to readthedocs.io

Regards, Ivan Daschinsky

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