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From Apache Wiki <wikidi...@apache.org>
Subject [Jackrabbit Wiki] Update of "JcrLinks" by AlexanderKlimetschek
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2008 08:51:37 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Jackrabbit Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by AlexanderKlimetschek:

   * Java Community Process: [http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=170 JSR 170] and [http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=283
JSR 283]
   * Google: [http://www.google.fi/search?q=JSR-170 JSR-170]
   * del.icio.us: [http://del.icio.us/tag/jcr jcr], [http://del.icio.us/tag/jsr-170 jsr-170],
 [http://del.icio.us/tag/jsr-283 jsr-283]
+  * Dzone: [http://www.dzone.com/links/search.html?query=JCR&x=0&y=0 JCR search on
   * Wikipedia: [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JSR-170 JSR-170], [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apache_Jackrabbit
Apache Jackrabbit]
   * SourceForge: [http://sourceforge.net/search/?type_of_search=soft&words=jcr JCR] [http://sourceforge.net/search/?type_of_search=soft&words=jackrabbit
   * Google Project Hosting: [http://code.google.com/hosting/search?q=jcr JCR] [http://code.google.com/hosting/search?q=jackrabbit
+  * Day's Developer Portal with articles, videos and tools regarding JCR: [http://dev.day.com
  == Articles ==
@@ -35, +37 @@

   * David Nuescheler, "[http://www.theserverside.com/news/thread.tss?thread_id=45763 Java
Content Repository: TheServerSide Tech Brief]" (June, 2007) [http://www.theserverside.com/
   * Jukka Zitting (among others), "[http://feathercast.org/?p=32 FeatherCast Episode 17:
ApacheCon Day 4]" (October, 2006) [http://feathercast.org/ FeatherCast]
+  * David Nuescheler, "[http://www.infoq.com/articles/nuescheler-jcr-rest on JCR and REST]"
(InfoQ, June 2008)
  == Presentations ==
   * Michael Marth and David Nuescheler, "[http://www.slideshare.net/uncled/theserverside-kickstarting-jcr
Kickstarting JCR: TheServerSide.com as a Content Application]" (March 27, 2008) [http://javasymposium.techtarget.com/lasvegas/persistence.html#DNueschelerJCR
@@ -43, +46 @@

   * David Nuescheler, "[http://www.day.com/maven/rjax/jazoon-401.swf Rjax: Blitzing the Content
Repository] (June 26, 2007) [http://jazoon.com/ Jazoon'07]
   * Jukka Zitting, "[http://jukkaz.wordpress.com/files/2006/10/apache-jackrabbit.pdf Introduction
to Apache Jackrabbit]" (October 12, 2006) [http://www.us.apachecon.com/ ApacheCon US 2006]
   * David Nuescheler, "[http://javasymposium.techtarget.com/resources/Presentations/Vegas%2006/D%20Nuescheler%20Content%20app.zip
 JCR vs. RDBMS: Your App. is a "Content App.", 10 symptoms! (pdf inside zip)]" (2006) [http://javasymposium.techtarget.com/resources/presentations.html#TSSJS
TheServerSide Java Symposium 2006]
+  * Alexandru Popescu & Floyd Marinescu [http://www.infoq.com/presentations/design-and-architecture-of-infoq
The Design and Architecture of InfoQ] (Video at QCon 2007) - InfoQ is built upon a custom-made
CMS backed by Apache Jackrabbit. Floyd and Alexandru also provide a nice overview over their
views on JCR, why they chose to use it and what their content model looks like. 
  == Open Source Applications ==
@@ -69, +73 @@

   * [http://www.ametys.org Ametys] CMS using Jackrabbit for content storage
   * [http://www.hippo-ecm.org Hippo ECM] Scaling Content Management platform, including repository,
CMS and portal building blocks
   * [http://jecars.sourceforge.net JeCARS] Java Extendable Contents And Rights System. Contains
a generic JCR backup tool (JeCARS BackupTool).
+  * [http://mule.mulesource.org/display/MULE/Home Mule]'s (Open Source Enterprise Service
Bus) [http://www.mulesource.org/display/JCR/Home JCR transport]. Have a look at this [http://www.theserverside.com/tt/articles/article.tss?l=COISWithMuleandJCR
  == Open Source Tools ==
+ An overview of JCR explorer tools can be found in this article [http://dev.day.com/microsling/content/blogs/main/jcrtools.html
JCR Tools Roundup].
   * [http://www.jcr-explorer.org/ JCR Web-Explorer] A web-based explorer tool for JCR
   * Apache [http://cocoon.apache.org Cocoon] provides a [http://wiki.apache.org/cocoon/JcrSource
JCR Source] to interact with JCR repositories
   * Apache [http://incubator.apache.org/sling/ Sling] is a JCR-based web framework that features
extensive scripting support

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