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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Towards Jena 3.9.0
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2018 10:54:06 GMT
Is targeting end of this month / early next OK for everyone?

This release would also remove the distributions of Fuseki1, and SDB. 
They are still there, but not as zip files.

The build process may need tweaks to conform to the new requirement of 
no MD5 and no SHA1 on /dist/jena as part of the ASF de-emphasising the 
vulnerable SHA1 - MD5 is already not allowed.

I'm happy to RM this release (I can do it on $job time) or alternatively 
help someone else do it for the first time.

One change I'd like to do is to reorganise the Fusek2 modules.
JENA-1597 PR #468. I don't know whether many people directly consume the 
modules. (I nearly said no one would, then found one - it unpacks the 
war file.)

This is to more cleanly separate the webapp/war file version and the 
embedded version. I'd like to call them "full" and "main". For added 
featuyre use, the "main" version is much easier to package and extend.

The new module structure would be:

* jena-fuseki-core : the servlets and registries

The full server:

* jena-fuseki-webapp : the web application: UI, admin
* jena-fuseki-war : package webapp as a WAR file.
* jena-fuseki-fulljar : package webapp as a standalone server

The main server:
* jena-fuseki-main : Current embedded/basic forms in one module.
* jena-fuseki-access : Graph access control (see JENA-1594)
* jena-fuseki-server : The main server as a combined shared jar.

* apache-jena-fuseki : the full server, standalone and war file

The maven module name "jena-fuseki-server" is repurposed from shading 
the webapp as par tof the dist building (proposed: "jena-fuseki-fulljar" 
) to shading the "embedded/basic->main" server.

A new module is JENA-1594 / jena-fuseki-access - graph level access 
control, only for the main server currently.


Looking at tickets marked "resolved", those that seemed most notable:

Provide per-graph access control in Fuseki
(needs documentation and ideally some wrapping to make it easier to use).

Update Apache parent POM to v21

Reorganize the Fuseki codebase to split the server engine classes from 
the webapp classes

Remove the jena-fuseki1 distribution

Remove the jena-sdb distribution.

Deleting dataset in Fuseki does not delete dataset permanently

Fuseki2: docker: Redirected ports lead to wrong URLs.

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