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From sebb <>
Subject KeyStore and SSL Manager
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2011 11:10:14 GMT
In earlier versions of JMeter, the client keystore relied on the
system property
This could either be set by the user prior to starting the test, or
the SSL Manager Option menu item could be used to set the system
property which would be picked up later.

There is also the property which is
normally used to determine the store type, and for the password.


I think it would probably make sense to use these properties to
directly configure the key and trust stores.

So I propose to change KeyStore Config so it behaves like the SSL
Manager Option dialogue, i.e. it will just save any settings as System
or JMeter properties.

It would make also make sense to merge it with the SSL Manager dialogue.
This is currently only of use in GUI test runs - it cannot be saved
with a test plan.

KeyStore Config should probably be renamed as SSL Config, and would
have additional fields to define the other SSL System properties.
This would be entirely optional - users could define the system or
JMeter properties instead - but would be more flexible as the settings
would be stored in the plan, not in external file(s).

The properties can be defined in the SSL Config testStarted() method
as that runs before the HTTP Sampler testStarted() method.
The latter can be used to preload the SSLManager if required; this
would allow SSL Config to be omitted, provided that the appropriate
JMeter property was set.

To summarise:
- keystore and truststore would be initialised based purely on System
or JMeter property settings
- SSL Config GUI would allow the settings to be overridden as necessary

Does this all make sense?

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