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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Jmeter Wiki] Update of "ReleaseCreation" by JMeterAdmin
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 22:02:08 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Jmeter Wiki" for change notification.

The "ReleaseCreation" page has been changed by JMeterAdmin:

Some corrections; needs further rework

  = Preparation =
   * request Bugzilla version update (on [[|INFRA]]
or if you are JMeter committer, ask for sufficient Bugzilla karma to do this yourself)
   * ensure changes.xml is up to date. If necessary, commit after update.
-  * extract files from SVN trunk up to date (except versions) into a new temporay directory/workspace
+  * ensure unit tests pass
+  * do not update the version in build.xml yet; trunk should remain a SNAPSHOT
+  * check out SVN trunk into a clean workspace, for example (assuming current trunk is 2.7-SNAPSHOT
in preparation for releasing 2.7):
- svn co jmeter_trunk
+ svn co jmeter_2.7_RC1
   * Move to new workspace:
- cd jmeter_trunk/
+ cd jmeter_2.7_RC1
-  * update version on new workspace: (version and year), build.xml (version)
and NOTICE (year)
+  * update the versions in the new workspace: (version and year), build.xml
(version) and NOTICE (year)
    * (src/core/org/apache/jmeter/util/
    * build.xml: section: <property name="jmeter.version" value="2.7"/>
   * update xdocs/download_jmeter.xml to the new version
@@ -31, +33 @@

  ant download_jars 
   * build site documents, having first cleaned out existing files (so obsolete files will
be removed):
+   * TODO should this be done on trunk, before creating the clean checkout? Are there any
references to the current version in the docs?
  ant clean-docs
  ant docs-site
-  * tag all the workspace's files with a new RC tag, e.g. v2_7_RC1
+  * create the new RC tag, e.g. v2_7_RC1 from the workspace
    * (Problem to fix: update overview.html is make by the ant distribution task)
- svn copy
+ svn copy .
+   * this will create the tag from the contents of the workspace. Only the updated files
will be shown in the commit message; most files will be shown as being copied from trunk.
     * N.B. Tags must be immutable, i.e. must not be changed once created. A tag can be deleted
if it is no longer needed, but must not be recreated.
       * If there is a problem with the contents of an RC tag, create a new tag, for example
       * If the tag is part of an ongoing release vote, do not delete it whilst the vote is
ongoing, even if the vote is now using a later tag. It can be useful to be able to compare
the contents of tags as part of the voting process.
@@ -53, +57 @@

     * GUI and non-GUI using host with graphic capability
     * non-GUI only using host with no graphic capability
     * ideally test on minimum supported Java and latest Java - especially for GUI
+  ''' THIS NEEDS FIXING; no need to fetch the tag again, as we already have a clean workspace
  = Generate Release =
   * extract files from SVN using the RC tag into a new directory tree

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