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From Etienne Carriere <>
Subject Re: Proxy HTTP
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2012 06:17:49 GMT

I added a first version of the Java Serialisation Sampler on the bug
54205 and I have some questions on how you prefer the implementation ?
Could you give me your point of view on ?

Thanks in advance,


Etienne Carrière
2012/11/25 Etienne Carriere <>:
> Hello,
> The sampler is currently working alone (as a "duplicate" of SOAP
> Sampler). I will think about merge my code in the HTTP
> Sampler.Concerning the proxy part, as you guessed, the issue is that
> the Java Serialization sampler must not be used on a "Content type"
> basis. For me, the best would be to test the Unserializable
> (Object.readObject) and create a specific Sampler if there is no
> Exception (Stream is a serialized object).
> I will create a ticket  in bugzilla to continue the discussion.
> Regards,
> Etienne Carrière
> 2012/11/25 Philippe Mouawad <>:
>> Hello,
>> Yes we could be interested in this Sampler if it enables testing Java
>> Serialization.
>> Ideally it would be great if your Sampler could use HTTPSampler GUI.
>> You can create a Bugzilla Enhancement request and attach your code there.
>> Regarding Sampler Creator interface, changing contract could break existing
>> plugins as its a contract for plugins that want to interact with Proxy.
>> It works like this:
>>    - SamplerCreatorFactory  relies on contentType to create the
>>    SamplerCreator
>>    - SamplerCreator create the Sampler impl and popuate it through
>>    populateSampler
>> I suppose your issue comes from the fact that content type is not specific
>> which makes your impl finding more difficult as your rely on body content ?
>> but can you explain with a detailed example the issue you face with current
>> contract ?
>> Regards
>> Philippe
>> On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 9:52 AM, Etienne Carriere <
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am currently creating a test plan for an HR software which is a web
>>> application with an Java Applet. The Java Applet discuss with the
>>> server through POST request with a POST body containing binary
>>> content. This binary content is a Java serialized Object. I created a
>>> specific Sampler "Java Serialized sampler" which includes the xstream
>>> version of the serialized object (The GUI is based on "SOAP/XML-RPC
>>> Request).
>>> I have 2 points linked to this sampler :
>>> 1) Are you interested by such Sampler to be integrated upstream ?
>>> 2) In order to generate those samplers through the proxy, I have some
>>> questions about org.apache.jmeter.protocol.http.proxy.Proxy  . In the
>>> run method, we have
>>>  SamplerCreator samplerCreator = factory.getSamplerCreator(request,
>>> pageEncodings, formEncodings);
>>>  sampler = samplerCreator.createSampler(request, pageEncodings,
>>> formEncodings);
>>>  samplerCreator.populateSampler(sampler, request, pageEncodings,
>>> formEncodings);
>>> I have some issues due to the fact that we split the "create" and the
>>> "populate" step. I have to do a large analysis of the request
>>> (Content-type, parsing the body) to choose the type of sampler. We can
>>> have the same reflexion for all "non Pure HTTP" sampler (for example,
>>> the SOAP/XML-RPC).
>>> I would like to discuss about how to implement it properly such that
>>> it could be integrated upstream .
>>> I see different methods
>>> 1) Create a specific Sampler Creator (it can be done if we can do a
>>> partition of the  "Content type") that will have a "complete"
>>> createSampler and a "empty" populateSampler
>>> 2) Change the contract of the SamplerCreator interface. It seems that
>>> the only call of createSampler and populateSampler are in this class .
>>> Thanks in advance for the advice,
>>> Best Regards,
>>> Etienne Carrière
>> --
>> Cordialement.
>> Philippe Mouawad.

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