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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Should we release a 2.10.1 ?
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2013 12:14:39 GMT
On 4 November 2013 18:49, Milamber <> wrote:
> Le 04/11/2013 17:19, Philippe Mouawad a ecrit :
>> Hello,
>> You may have missed my previous mail so created a special thread.
>> Current 2.10 contains 3 issues:
>> - NativeCommand timeout issue => Not a problem for me as it's not a
>> regression
>> - Bad handling of redirects => This is a regression and could be a big
>> problem for users/
>> 65 times
>> - HTTPS Recorder => Current implementation introduces issue for BAD java
>> installation. This issue seems to affect some users judging on the number
>> of views of views It seems to be annoying although I am not sure we can do
>> something about it as we do not distribute the jks anymore. But maybe give
>> more details in LOG or UI:
>> So I vote for a new 2.10.1
> Ok for me too.


>> and propose to add a clear UI message when
>> keytool is not available or folder is not writable.
> Not already done?

I was working on improving the checks.
Have not committed anything yet.

The idea is to check what happens when keytool is run on its own - it
should generate a help message and exit with success status.
If not, then report an error. The check needs to be done early enough
to ensure that the correct option is chosen (keytool may still be
needed for Java6).

BTW I found out why a Java installation can work for JMeter but not
keytool - it seems that the instal process can put java[w].exe in the
Windows directory. That is sufficient to run Java, but of course not
keytool. In this case the java app must be able to find the runtime
jar, so it might be possible to look up the class loader for say
java.lang.Object and use that to find the keytool path.

It might still be sensible to provide a property override for the keytool path.

>> Regards
>> Philippe M.

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