Hi All,

I am trying to extend jmeter for new threadgroup which will be able to listen samples and should be able to perform calculation and store result in some file

Yes that can be done with existing reporters but I dont want to use them.
I have created new threadgroup called CustomThreadgroup.java in which I have implemented interface like, samplelistener. I just want to log the samples occurred and their attributes. I tried above but I am not seeing anything "CustomLog" (logger statements added by me). in Jmeter.log file.

I have also referred Andrey;s Autostop plugin but that is a listener, I need similar functionality in Threadgroup.

Can you please help me in this or tell me if I need to make changes somewhere else also?

attaching file CustomThreadGroup.java for reference.

(complete code is at : https://github.com/Nachiket90/jmeter-sample)

<---- Nachiket Kate ---->