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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Usage of final methods in newly added report package
Date Sun, 20 Dec 2015 10:52:27 GMT
Am 13.12.2015 um 14:11 schrieb Philippe Mouawad:
> Hi Felix,
> Do you have an example where it does not seem justified ?
I wondered why they were (and sometimes were not) used.

I stumbled upon the usage (or non usage) of final when looking at a 
findbugs report on CsvSampleWriter. That class uses a overridable method 
setWriter from its constructor, which findbugs finds "scary".

In other classes I found a few methods declared final and other not, 
without a documentation, why those final classes are closed for further 
inheritance and the others not.

I haven't looked, whether they were justified or not, I was just curious.

> Thanks
> On Sunday, December 13, 2015, Felix Schumacher <
>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I see a lot of methods in the newly added report package, that are
>> declared final.
>> What is the reasoning behind this?
>> Regards,
>>   Felix

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