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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Simulating browser-like concurrent download of http samplers
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2016 12:48:43 GMT

Modern http pages often result in patterns like "1 request for
page.html, then 5 more requests for data".
Currently test plans have to resort to sequential execution of "ajax samplers".

Are there plans for enabling concurrent samplers within a single JMeter thread?
For instance, something like "Concurrent controller" that will execute
children samplers concurrently.

Note: I am aware of "use concurrent pool" for "embedded resources
download", however I need concurrent execution of http samplers, not
the embedded resources. I need to configure "url, params, keepalive,
Note: ThreadGroup does not help me either, as I need to test
concurrent requests for the same "user_id". Generally speaking, each
JMeter thread should use its own user id (its own cookie, etc),
however when launching "5 concurrent ajax requests", they all should
use the same cookie info. Different virtual user (i.e. JMeter thread)
should use its own pack of requests.

PS. I'm aware of jmeter-plugins' Inter-Thread Communication, however,
using JP IPC for fetching a couple of ajax requests seems to be an

Vladimir Sitnikov

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