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From "Epp, Jeremiah W (Contractor)" <>
Subject RE: JMeter DSL discussion
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2016 21:14:37 GMT
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> From: Philippe Mouawad []
> Sent: Friday, August 12, 2016 3:19 PM
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> Subject: Re: JMeter DSL discussion
> On Fri, Aug 12, 2016 at 5:10 PM, Epp, Jeremiah W (Contractor)
> <>
> wrote:
>> There's also the ability to use a remote machine as the recording proxy,
>> though it doesn't work without some sort of display server because of the
>> ProxyControl's dependency on GuiPackage [0] -- we've been xvfb-run to
>> give it the illusion of a screen, but that's an ugly hack no one likes.
> Why not provide a patch then ? I'll be happy to review it and commit it
> Did you test the patch that was provided ? Does it work ?

Not yet.  I was going to test that patch after I move us over to JMeter 3.x.
That'll hopefully come after we finish bringup on this next product.

>> Interesting!  I'd actually be curious what that looks like.  We've been
>> toying with the idea of writing a delta-based auto-correlation tool to
>> reduce the special case tools in new products, but that takes time.
> And is complex.  But it would be great in JMeter.  I'd be happy to help
> you on this.

Regrettably, I can't work on public code without clearing it with legal.  If
I can get my current work opened up, I may be able to get my boss to find me
some time to work on this.  But not until then. :(

>> For what it's worth, I strongly recommend _against_ using a full
>> programming language as your DSL.  That's sort of the opposite of "domain
>> specific". *g*
> Did you look at groovy dsls ?

If you want to implement your DSL _in_ Groovy, okay, they have moderately
decent tools for that.  But you still pull the Groovy toolchain into the
JMeter build process and you still have to deal with the type system when
you hook into the Java code, so you haven't saved yourself any real effort
from my perspective-- IMHO, you'd be better off working with an ordinary
parser generator lib.

If you want to use Groovy _as_ your DSL, well, okay.  It's not very Domain
Specific at that point, but if that's what you really want, I guess you
should do it...  The JMeter side is probably going to need a whole pile of
glue so you can properly work with it, though.

Or maybe you have some other vision and I'm missing out (TIMTOWTDI, after
all!). Do you have a sketch of what you think the DSL might look like and
the pipeline for reading it into JMeter, writing it out, etc?


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