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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Test plan warnings
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 09:11:50 GMT
On 31 August 2016 at 09:23, Vladimir Sitnikov
<> wrote:
> Hi,
> As far as I understand, JMeter UI lacks feedback for "error prone"
> configurations. It would be so much better if JMeter would have "spell
> checker" integrated, so it warned on "bad test plan patterns".

Not strictly true.

The GUI prevents certain test elements from being used at some parts
of the test plan.

> Was there a discussion/plan to implement that?
> I'm sure lack of that checker makes it very hard to integrate new features
> since almost every new feature can be misused, so "decline a feature" is
> basically the only way to protect user from misuse.

I disagree that that the lack of a checker makes it hard to integrate
new features.
The problem is that there are lots of potential new features and it's
important to ensure that the costs of a new feature outweigh the

I'm not aware of any feature that has been rejected on the basis that
it can be misused.
However several have been rejected on the basis that the potential use
cases are not common enough.

> For instance,
> 1) A proper way to place inter-page timers is to wrap the timer into some
> kind of "test action". So, if user has "page, timer, page, timer" kind of
> test plan, that deserves a warning "you might probably want to wrap
> timers..."
> 2) If user places constant throughput timer at the very top of the test
> plan, that is probably wrong. CTT should likely to be wrapped into some
> sampler.
> 3) If user references non-existing variable, then you don't know that until
> you start the test. For instance, JMeter know which variable is produced by
> regexp extractor, so it can check if user uses that or not.

It's not possible in general to detect whether a variable is used or not.
For example, it may be used in a script or using $__var() indirection,
so the variable name may not be known until run-time.

> For instance, there might be a warning like "unused regexp extractor", etc.
> 4) "Adjust timers" feature. Even though it might be useful, it might easily
> be misused. I think having some warnings would improve UX for this
> particular feature as well.

 I think it's a nice idea to try an warn about unexpected test element
usage, but implementation is going to be very tricky if one is going
to avoid false positives.

I think it's far more important to ensure that the features which are
added to JMeter are genuinely useful and well documented.

> Vladimir

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