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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Ideas for 3.2
Date Wed, 23 Nov 2016 21:16:12 GMT
Hi all,

now that we released 3.1, it is time to think about the next release.

I think we should update the minimum version of java to 8 (as discussed 

We could then use the cache library (was it caffeine?) and use javafx 
for html widgets (I would like to see them used for documentation and 
template-selection, too).

Philippe has proposed to add a boundary based extractor, which I believe 
could be massaged into the normal regex extractor together with a grok 
to regex converter.

We discussed the memory usage of the results tree view, where we could 
not agree on the implementation. I believe this could be combined with a 
filter that sorts samples out, before they even get into the tree view. 
That could be used to filter on thread ids or session id, or even (when 
implemented as a queue) to emit only those samples, that were collected 
shortly before an error (or other event).

Logging. We made the start to use slf4j. Should we change the remaining 
classes too?

The documentation has still the pdf howtos, which could be converted to 
html and looked through, if they still work.

Drop generated docs from the source tree.

Add source-jars to the maven artefacts.

What are your plans / vetoes? I am sure I missed quite a bit.



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