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From sebb <>
Subject JMeter DOAP has been dropped again
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2017 13:33:12 GMT
The projects.a.o website current expects to find the DOAP at

I will change it to

which is the original source.

The rationale for using a URL that points to a file on the website is
that website URLs (at least at the top level) don't change, and anyway
redirects can be used if a change is really needed. Whereas code repo
URLs do tend to change.

Now that only helps if the URL actually points to the website - i.e. - rather than to the code
repo used to create the website.

However I don't see the point in using as it is proving difficult to
ensure that the DOAP is present following site updates.

Obviously this means that the projects.a.o data file will need to be
updated if the JMeter code repo is moved, but that should occur much
less frequently than site updates.

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