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From Andrey Pokhilko <>
Subject Concerns about change in JTL writing
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2018 08:12:53 GMT

I took the latest snapshot of JMeter and I'm shocked by the change in
CSV JTL writing. It is strange that it writes subsamples now with no
respect to "Save Sub Results" flag. I simply can't turn new behavior off.

It will break all the automated scripts written in the ecosystem. I run
the test with Aggregate Report, I see one number. If I save it into CSV
JTL and re-load it in Aggregate Report, I see completely different
picture. All my response times are counted twice now.

I believe something really breaking has happened, and it will hurt
users. I think CSV JTL writer has to respect the "Save Sub Results" flag
and not have that flag enabled by default. Otherwise, we break any
automation that were reading CSV JTL assuming only top-level samples are
written and math of average response times is consistent.

Or maybe I'm just doing something wrong?

Andrey Pokhilko

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