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From Milamber <>
Subject Best way(s) to manage credentials and gpg sign on a automate build process (jenkins or travis)
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2018 10:17:18 GMT

I send this message on users@infra.a.o to ask some advice for JMeter 
release process. If it's not the right list, please indicate me the good 

On JMeter project, we have a release process with a lot of manual steps, 
generally because the steps include operations with authentication or 
password like the GPG signing archives, the upload on dist.a.o or the 
release package under Nexus.

We want try to automate at the maximum the release process to allow to 
release more often using a build tool like Jenkins or travis (or 
another). So with the least human actions.

Do you have suggestions / examples?

Particularly for these actions:

ant sign_dist -Dgpg.keyname=0612B399 

ant maven_upload -Djmeter.version=3.2 -DrepoType=releases

     Go to Apache Repository (
         Section Staging Repositories
             Check the RC box, add click on Close button (see Closing a 
staging repository)


ant RC_upload -DRC=RCn -DrepoType=live [-Dasf.ldap.password=secret [-Dasf.ldap.username=user]



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