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From Paulo Maia Borges <>
Subject RE: Introducing MicroMeter to JMeter
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2018 17:12:26 GMT
Hi Philippe,

Regarding the vision/architecture,
I am a big fan and very knowledgeable of InfluxDB + Grafana - the benefits are amazing. Architecturally
I like your idea (I'm not really knowledgeable or have opinion on Micrometer itself specifically,

There's 2 possibilities I take from your email:
a) ship metrics about the results of a test;
b) ship metrics about the internal status of JMeter;

# (a) ship metrics about the results of a test
We already have a JMeter Listener that listens to results and ships them to either Graphite
or InfluxDB.

However, I dislike that Listener so much that I developed our own plugin for my company (private
code, I'm afraid). The format of the data wasn't right and the aggregations weren't good either,
which is why I developed a new Listener.

I'd like to see a better way to ship results to Influx/Graphite/etc. But, I have to repeat
that such functionality already exists (even though I wish we had a better one).

# (b) ship metrics about the internal status of JMeter
This one is something that is almost completely missing (?).

Since JMeter is a JVM, it is by default possible to query MBeans with its status. And, by
default, lots of useful metrics are already available - generic JVM stats like Heap Size.

However it appears JMeter does not expose any JMeter-specific metrics as MBeans. One thing
that could be done would be to expose useful stats (ex: active user count, etc) as MBeans
that can then be queried/collected (ex: exposed with Jolokia, then collected with Telegraf,
then shipped to Graphite or Influx).

Finally, JMeter could have the possibility to actually ship those metrics directly to a DB
(Graphite, Influx, ElasticSearch, Solr, etc). I think this is mostly what you were referring

I think it would be quite beneficial to exist:
1- Tracking of internal stats (already exists to some extent, right?);
2- Exposure of the internal stats as MBeans;
3- Ability to ship the stats periodically to ┬źdatabase┬╗ engines.

If any such a thing gets planned, I'd really like to be allowed input on which data gets collected
and the data structure / how it gets shipped to the DBs - I'd hate to see the data-structure
end up bad or sub-optimal.

Paulo Augusto Maia Borges

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From: Philippe Mouawad <>
Sent: 30 November 2018 15:08
Subject: Introducing MicroMeter to JMeter

What do you think of introducing MicroMeter into JMeter:

   - It will allow us to provide monitoring Information about JMeter to
   output like:
      - log files
      - InfluxDB (
      - Prometheus
   - We could possibly deliver a Health Check based on some of the JVM
      - It would enable us in the future to send Live metrics using this
   way and possibly interface more systems than only InfluxDB/Graphite

It looks like a good OSS library with important support:

   - It is under Apache2 License
   - It is used in Spring Boot 2
   - It relies on HdrHistogram and LatencyUtils

Philippe M.


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