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From Philippe Mouawad <>
Subject Introducing MicroMeter to JMeter
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2018 19:31:38 GMT
Hello Paulo,

Find my answers inline below.

On Friday, November 30, 2018, Paulo Maia Borges <>

> Hi Philippe,
> Regarding the vision/architecture,
> I am a big fan and very knowledgeable of InfluxDB + Grafana - the benefits
> are amazing. Architecturally I like your idea (I'm not really knowledgeable
> or have opinion on Micrometer itself specifically, though).
> There's 2 possibilities I take from your email:
> a) ship metrics about the results of a test;
> b) ship metrics about the internal status of JMeter;
> # (a) ship metrics about the results of a test
> We already have a JMeter Listener that listens to results and ships them
> to either Graphite or InfluxDB.
> However, I dislike that Listener so much that I developed our own plugin
> for my company (private code, I'm afraid). The format of the data wasn't
> right and the aggregations weren't good either, which is why I developed a
> new Listener.

That’s  the benefit of Apache license.

Still, IMO, since you’re using a OSS project in your business, I see no
reason for not contributing back to community since this development has
IMU no « secret » that could not be OSSed.
You’d help others, you’d be cited, officially thanked and you’d get
feedback on your code.

At least why not contribute with your ideas.

> I'd like to see a better way to ship results to Influx/Graphite/etc. But,
> I have to repeat that such functionality already exists (even though I wish
> we had a better one).

Yes I know, I developed with the team Backend Listener, Graphite
integration and fixed issues in the Influx one.
But since you say It doesn’t suit you, and there are things we want to
improve (see Felix PR), maybe Micrometer would in a second step be an

> # (b) ship metrics about the internal status of JMeter
> This one is something that is almost completely missing (?).
> Since JMeter is a JVM, it is by default possible to query MBeans with its
> status. And, by default, lots of useful metrics are already available -
> generic JVM stats like Heap Size.

Yes, but my idea here is to take benefit of Micrometer to  lower complexity
of doing it.
OOTB, jmeter would be exporting data on its health to influx as ling as the
current other metrics.
I’d also like to add a kind of health check system that would tell user,
beware !:
- cpu is over a threshold
- there a big gc pauses

> However it appears JMeter does not expose any JMeter-specific metrics as
> MBeans. One thing that could be done would be to expose useful stats (ex:
> active user count, etc) as MBeans that can then be queried/collected (ex:
> exposed with Jolokia, then collected with Telegraf, then shipped to
> Graphite or Influx).

This is already available to Influxdb.
But with micrometer we would add those metrics and user would configure the

> Finally, JMeter could have the possibility to actually ship those metrics
> directly to a DB (Graphite, Influx, ElasticSearch, Solr, etc). I think this
> is mostly what you were referring to?

That what my proposal is about.

> I think it would be quite beneficial to exist:
> 1- Tracking of internal stats (already exists to some extent, right?);
> 2- Exposure of the internal stats as MBeans;
> 3- Ability to ship the stats periodically to «database» engines.
> If any such a thing gets planned, I'd really like to be allowed input on
> which data gets collected and the data structure / how it gets shipped to
> the DBs - I'd hate to see the data-structure end up bad or sub-optimal.

You’re welcome to already share your critics  or even better your code  :)
And if you contribute to new code, your ideas will be even more taken into
consideration :)

> Regards,
> Paulo Augusto Maia Borges
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Philippe Mouawad <>
> Sent: 30 November 2018 15:08
> To:
> Subject: Introducing MicroMeter to JMeter
> Hello,
> What do you think of introducing MicroMeter into JMeter:
>    - It will allow us to provide monitoring Information about JMeter to
>    output like:
>       - log files
>       - InfluxDB (
>       - Prometheus
>    - We could possibly deliver a Health Check based on some of the JVM
>    Metrics:
>       -
>       - It would enable us in the future to send Live metrics using this
>    way and possibly interface more systems than only InfluxDB/Graphite
> It looks like a good OSS library with important support:
>    - It is under Apache2 License
>    - It is used in Spring Boot 2
>    - It relies on HdrHistogram and LatencyUtils
> Regards
> Philippe M.
> @philmdot
> <>
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Philippe Mouawad.

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