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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Re: Pass / Fail criteria in JMeter
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2019 10:43:03 GMT
Philippe> But while it was rather straightforward to implement through
Maven, it's a
Philippe> bit more complex in core JMeter.

I guess the most challenging part is to incorporate "Non Functional
Requirements" to JMeter UI.

For instance:
1) Should it be a separate UI or should each sampler have "NFR" section?
2) Should there be a warning in case NFR did not fire (e.g. user
specified "ligon.pct90 < 1sec" and actual transaction has name of
3) Should it warn for conflicting requirements? (e.g.   *.pct90<1sec
+  login.pct90<5sec)
5) Should it allow for rule inherinance? e.g.
"simple.pages.pct90<1sec,   login is a "simple page".
Someone please stop me :)


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