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From Paulo Maia Borges <>
Subject RE: New feature : Readable overview of Test Plan
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2019 09:54:54 GMT
Hi Philippe,
(disclaimer - I don't know anything about that schematics script thingy and couldn't find
documentation for it)

I like that idea a lot. It is quite common to require a documented form of what a test plan
is like, either in preparation before a test or to «look back into the past».

You appear to be asking what people think about the export format. Why not export to standard
HTML? JMeter already exports test results to HTML (? never tried it myself) -
- so, following the pattern, a test-plan export should also export to HTML. Also, HTML is
the most widely accepted format beyond text-file and is extremely versatile. Unless I didn't
fully understand what you meant.

Another interesting question would be what kind of content to produce - high level or technical.
Like you said and I corroborate, it is common to need to document how a test plan is. But
for 2 different objectives. One is high level, to present to managers, stake-holders, etc,
non-technical people who want to see how their product is going to be tested. The second is
technical, to precisely document and later be studied by whoever is going to analyse the results
(maybe even months later) or by another test scripter who needs to reproduce the test pattern
into another website or so.

I wonder .. would it be possible to integrate that into the test *result* report? Results
usually speak for themselves and are the ultimate "truth". However, somewhat often we analyse
a test result and wish we could see exactly how that test was configured at the time...

Another consideration - the whole functionality might not achieve wonderful results, since
many of the test settings might be outside of the test, like CSV files that change drastically
the behaviour of the test, or imported command-line variables. <- despite me still liking
the idea. I'm just recommending to consider how much that might, or not, decrease the value
of such a functionality.

Paulo Augusto Maia Borges

-----Original Message-----
From: Philippe Mouawad <>
Sent: 18 January 2019 12:38
Subject: New feature : Readable overview of Test Plan

I think there is a need in JMeter since we're not a DSL based tool, to provide an overview
of the test for documentation purpose.
It would also help a lot on issue reporting for example

Currently, I think the only available option is to use which

   - outdated
   - very limited
   - not friendly to use, you need to copy the test plan in extras folder
   to make it work

As the expected overview might depend a lot on what somebody wants to see, what do you think
of this as a first step:

   - Create in new Tools menu Item (where we would move Curl, Export
   Transactions for Report, Create Heap/Thread dump) an entry "Export as
   schematic overview"
   - The feature would :

   - open A dialog with Option path to enter Exporter

   - I see at least 2 ways to implement exporter:
      - XSL with schematic way:
         - + : Not much work
         - - : XSL is not very readable nor friendly
         - - : JMeter has no contract on XML

   - Add an interface, JMeter would discover implementation and propose it:
      - We would use the Visitor pattern
      - + : Very flexible
      - + : Easier to maintain, we rely on Java Contract
      - - : More work for user
      - Note we can implement XSL Exporter as first step

   - In the long term, maybe we could be proposing an exporter to YAML or

Exporter would look have:
export(File pathToJMeterFile, HashTree testPlan, Writer writer);

Interface for exporter to be implemented:

interface NodeExporter {
 String exportElement(int level, TestElement element, HashTree testPlan); }

Any thoughts ?



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