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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Re: Gradle equivalent of 'ant package'?
Date Sun, 27 Oct 2019 00:45:25 GMT
>And why does assemble run javadocAggregate?

The aggregate javadoc is included into the binary distribution, so
assembling binary distribution requires the javadoc.
Do you think we can drop javadoc from the binary distribution?

>Whilst gradlew tasks lists all tasks, there are so many that finding
>the correct one is hard work

sebb, I see how you might have troubles with shifting the build system,
however, I'm inclined that use cases of "how to build jars" and "how to
populate lib/" are properly accessible from "./gradlew tasks" output.

ant -p produced 101 lines
./gradlew tasks produces 136 lines.

I don't think it is fair to say that it is "gradlew tasks produces way too
many tasks" or "it is worse than it was before"
On the contrary, the tasks are grouped now, so you can skip sections.

If you search for "lib", then you find the task you need:

$ ./gradlew tasks | grep lib
createDist - Copies JMeter jars and dependencies to projectRoot/lib/ folder

Of course, there's a room for improvement (e.g. Gradle does not allow to
specify the order of groups in the `tasks` output yet),
however, "Build tasks" group is sorted the first, so "createDist" should be
discoverable fast.
The task can be found by both "jar" and "lib" searches, so it does not look
like adding links to "" would help in this case.

Have you tried gradlew tasks?
Do you have suggestions on improving the description?


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