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From Vladimir Sitnikov <>
Subject Re: Some feedback on JMeter UI
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2019 21:20:07 GMT
Here you go:

What do you think?

The key idea there is to avoid "panel-in-panel" approach to the UI.
panel-in-panel is "nice" to build UI from pieces, however, it complicates
alignment of the fields that reside in different sub-sub-panels.

The most trivial case is
        JPanel titlePanel = new JPanel(new MigLayout("fillx, wrap 2",
        titlePanel.add(titleLabel, "span 2"); // this item spans for two
        titlePanel.add(nameLabel); // this is placed into column 1
        titlePanel.add(nameField); // this is placed into column 2, and
then layout wraps since we have 2 columns only
        titlePanel.add(commentLabel); // row 2, column 1
        titlePanel.add(commentField); // row 2, column 2

A bit more interesting case is where to put "loop forever" checkbox.
Note: I don't like the checkbox itself, but the goal here is the layout
itself rather than re-designing all the UI components.

So let's place "forever":

        threadPropsPanel.add(loopsLabel, "split 2"); // this goes into
"column1", however "split2" specifies that our column is split in two pieces
        threadPropsPanel.add(foreverCheckbox, "gapleft push"); // this is
placed to the second subcolumn of the first column. And we say it should
push all the gap to the left
        threadPropsPanel.add(loopsField); // this goes to the "column 2"

That is it. It does not require "panel-in-panel", and the fields become


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