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From Philippe Mouawad <>
Subject Re: Release JMeter 5.2 ?
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2019 08:13:08 GMT
On Saturday, October 5, 2019, Vladimir Sitnikov <>

> >which means for now there is a
> >regression on Thread group that is not fixed
> Unfortunately, that commit did not really fix the regression.

What is the reproducer of remaining issue?

> Here's a test to validate test plan loading:
> apache/jmeter/pull/513/commits/b5c119901a15061bb9cca2442248a59cdc692a0f
> >Do you intend to merge the facelift of Thread Group so that I can commit
> >the fix?
> I do intend, however current implementation breaks Visualizers and,
> probably it breaks JMeterPlugins.

Screenshot is not visible

> Here's a sample:
> [image: Снимок экрана 2019-10-05 в 10.36.47.png]
> What happens here is AbstractVisualizer adds "write results to file" right
> into the "titlepanel", and it is appended to "the first column".
> I think we need a procedure to automatically generate screenshots.
> That would help with keeping documentation up to date, and it would help
> to review UI-related PRs.
yes good idea

> >How do you want to proceed so that we don’t « walk on each other toes » ?
> I suggest we follow "commit then review process".

can you clarify it completely ?

> However, I guess we could ask each other if anybody else is working on the
> same thing.
> For instance, Graham did ask if anybody else was working on JUnit5
> migration.
> In the same sense I happen to refrain from merging Spock-related changes
> because I don't actively use Spock, so it is harder for me to judge.
> It should be OK to revert changes.
> The fix of "same user on each iteration" had two changes (original
> implementation, and the recent fix).
> Unfortunately, none of the two included tests regarding backward
> compatibility.
> I see how it could be tempting to just commit a 2-3line long fix and close
> the subject, however, it was extremely annoying for me to see
> the commit that is both "conflicting with PR changes" and "which does not
> fix the issue".
> Of course, I could have behaved in a better, but, well.
> The feature broke backward compatibility in a hidden from user way.
> The tests are missing.
> Let us avoid the same things in the future?

I don’ t guarantee it.
On this project where I work frequently on my personal time, I try as much
as possible to do what you describe
But sometimes I can proceed progressively and improve later.

I see too much people saying I’ll do that and that, and nothing happens
because they want everything perfect immediately, they end up not

Maybe here there was an issue, but in the overall I hope my contributions
have improved JMeter.

> As I am developing "thread group UI update", I need to test id. Literally.
> I create test plans. I load old jmx files, I change window size, and so on.
> "same user on each iteration" bug does impact user experience up to the
> point when I decided to include the fix right into UI update PR
> The test is really not that complicated to write:
> apache/jmeter/pull/513/commits/b5c119901a15061bb9cca2442248a59cdc692a0f


> PS. You might want to review
> 848944765974454272

Is this graph a scientific one ?
I think when people work together they should make an effort to be gentle
with each other, particularly on an OSS project where we all spend personal

I don’ t think people are pre determinated  in terms of behavior by their
location origin.

> Vladimir

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