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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Release JMeter 5.2 ?
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2019 10:22:19 GMT

Am 5. Oktober 2019 09:13:21 MESZ schrieb Philippe Mouawad <>:
>Hello Vladimir,
>I see you reverted my last commit, which means for now there is a
>regression on Thread group that is not fixed.
>How do you want to proceed so that we don’t « walk on each other toes »
>Do you intend to merge the facelift of Thread Group so that I can
>the fix?
>If yes, can other members of team give their feedback on wether it is
>ok to
>merge and release as is ?

I can't look at any issue before this evening. 


>I made 2 comments, thinking further maybe a 3rd option is to have a
>giving an indication of thread duration based on what warning
>indicated ?
>For now it looks premature to release except as a rehearsal.
>On Thursday, October 3, 2019, Milamber <> wrote:
>> Hello Vladimir,
>> Yes we can try to release the v5.2 this 5/6 October.
>> Thank you for the proposal of 25/26 October, it would be really
>> interesting to meet and participate in a conference. However
>> I visited St. Petersburg this summer (august) during my holidays in
>> (Moscow city and St. Peterburg / Peterhof). Beautiful cities. And a
>> not to have / know that you were close to see each other.
>> Besides, I will be going to the Zabbix conference in Riga in Latvia
>> week (9th October to 14th) and so this will consume my travel time
>> to my personal life and therefore a new trip to Russia for the Joker
>> conference. My little family will not want that, unfortunately.
>> In any case, for the next year, do not hesitate to ask me to come to
>> Russia, I know the steps for the visa for a French in Morocco with
>> consulate (via the traditional Russian intermediary) and I really
>like my
>> vacation in Russia this summer.
>> To return to JMeter, Saturday, October 5, I will prepare the next
>> and send mail(s) on the dev list in case of problems, hoping that you
>> available too.
>> Milamber
>> On 02/10/2019 12:34, Vladimir Sitnikov wrote:
>>> Milamber>I can try to do the next release
>>> Thank you. That would be awesome.
>>> Milamber>The next weekend it's good for me to do release
>>> Do you mean 5-6 October?
>>> That works for me.
>>> Milamber>he weekend of 19th October
>>> That would be a bit more complicated.
>>> I plan to visit (which is 25-26 October),
>so I
>>> will likely be not available in-between 18..28.
>>> Just in case, recently a simplified visa process was introduced (see
>>> ), so you might
>>> visiting Joker and St.Petersburg as well.
>>> Vladimir

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