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From Milamber <>
Subject Re: Release JMeter 5.2 ?
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2019 21:53:59 GMT

I can try to do the next release with the new gradle build process (/ 
git), and update the release process wiki page with assistance of Vladimir.

And in some weeks/months, probably I will go to a city near Philippe (in 
France, Tourcoing/Lille) so we can do a cross signing meeting between us 
(for future releases)

The next weekend it's good for me to do release, otherwise the weekend 
of 19th October to do the release candidate.


On 01/10/2019 21:31, Vladimir Sitnikov wrote:
>> Is there a procedure for gradle with the pre-requisites?
> You should have your PGP keys ready (and signed by at least one PMC).
> ^^^ we might want to organize a virtual signing party to meet each other
> and sign PGP keys.
> Then you have to gain some karma from milamber (I guess it is PMC chair who
> authorizes changes to dist/jmeter/META, see
> )
> Technically speaking META says you can't release as of now:
> Then you launch ./gradlew prepareVote -Pasf # asf here means "push to ASF
> servers rather than to a playground ones"
> It prepares a release candidate and prints the draft "vote mail".
> Then you send the vote email so everybody votes.
> In case the vote succeeds you launch ./gradlew publishRelease -Pasf
> That is it.
> Then comes "update website part" which is not automated yet, and I don't
> think we should hold the release trying to automate website for now.
> Vladimir

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