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From Milamber <>
Subject Re: Release JMeter 5.2 ?
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2019 22:17:50 GMT
Hello Vladimir,

Yes we can try to release the v5.2 this 5/6 October.

Thank you for the proposal of 25/26 October, it would be really 
interesting to meet and participate in a conference. However (sorry!):
I visited St. Petersburg this summer (august) during my holidays in 
Russia (Moscow city and St. Peterburg / Peterhof). Beautiful cities. And 
a pity not to have / know that you were close to see each other.

Besides, I will be going to the Zabbix conference in Riga in Latvia next 
week (9th October to 14th) and so this will consume my travel time 
compared to my personal life and therefore a new trip to Russia for the 
Joker conference. My little family will not want that, unfortunately.

In any case, for the next year, do not hesitate to ask me to come to 
Russia, I know the steps for the visa for a French in Morocco with the 
consulate (via the traditional Russian intermediary) and I really like 
my vacation in Russia this summer.

To return to JMeter, Saturday, October 5, I will prepare the next 
version and send mail(s) on the dev list in case of problems, hoping 
that you are available too.


On 02/10/2019 12:34, Vladimir Sitnikov wrote:
> Milamber>I can try to do the next release
> Thank you. That would be awesome.
> Milamber>The next weekend it's good for me to do release
> Do you mean 5-6 October?
> That works for me.
> Milamber>he weekend of 19th October
> That would be a bit more complicated.
> I plan to visit (which is 25-26 October), so I
> will likely be not available in-between 18..28.
> Just in case, recently a simplified visa process was introduced (see
> ), so you might consider
> visiting Joker and St.Petersburg as well.
> Vladimir

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