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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Re: Darcula theme vs tree view (the tree of components)
Date Sun, 06 Oct 2019 12:00:25 GMT

Am 05.10.19 um 20:58 schrieb Vladimir Sitnikov:
> Hi,
> TL;DR:  what if we copy Darcula sources into JMeter repository and fix it a
> bit?
> At the end of the day, Darcula is AL2.
> +1: Of course, let's copy it, and drop when upstream publishes a new release
> +0.5: Ok, let's copy it. And drop when upstream publishes a new release
> 0: JMeter UX is perfect
> -0: ?! Copy-paste development is forbidden
> -1: Do not do that because ...

I think the +-X answers are chosen quite suggestive, but that is a
completely different issue.

I am not very comfortable with including the source of darcula in our
repo, as we are committing ourselves way more to the maintenance  of
that software than to just updating the dependency. I am unsure whether
we have the expertise to maintain it in the long run.

Are there any other alternatives to copying the sources into our repo?

I could think of:

* Make an external fork of darcula and use that one (Would have the same
problems with copying the sources in my opinion)

* Drop darcula (as it seems to be not well enough maintained for our means)

Do we have enough people in our community, that are willing and capable
of maintaining it?

For me it is a -0.5 at the moment for fear of long term burden on the
team and my missing expertise in GUI programming.


> I've got a report that Darcula theme makes it hard to understand the
> component tree.
> The user seems to like the dark theme, however, the UX is bad, so they
> revert to the classic one.
> The issue is nesting is barely visible because of the very small offset in
> the tree.
> A sample screenshot:
> The items "RA_Redirected" and "HR_NoAutoRedirect" look as if they are
> placed under the same parent.
> Remember that the picture represents a very basic test plan, and for more
> involved cases it would be extremely confusing.
> It seems to be a regression when compared with the old theme:
> We ship with Darcula by default, so it is sad to have a bad-looking tree
> there.
> I've tracked the issue, and the offset is hard-coded in Darcula repository:
> However, the author says he won't fix current Darcula, as "the upstream"
> (==Darcula that is present in IntelliJ sources) is way ahead.
> In other words, the author suggests he (or somebody else, because, well, it
> is OSS) would factor out "IntelliJ Darcula" into its own submodule, then he
> could grab it and publish it as a separate artifact.
> See
> However, I don't think it would happen soon taking the number of Darcula
> releases into account (1 release per 6 years).
> Vladimir

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