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From Felix Schumacher <>
Subject Quasi-hangup on large responses (without spaces)
Date Fri, 01 May 2020 14:52:02 GMT
Hi all,

as you might know
(, the GUI of
JMeter might seem to hang, when a user edits a large body for a http
sampler or - more common - displays a large response in the ViewResultsTree.

For the latter case, we could probably implement two mitigations.

* Only display text responses, when they are not too large (what is
large? 32KB? 1MB?). If response is too big, display a warning page with
a button to show the complete result, to allow users to proceed.

* Cut large text responses after a threshold and display the shortened
result (maybe paste part of the end of the response after an ellipsis)

The problem is very apparent with the syntax highlighted text, but it
can be seen on normal text areas, too.

I mention this problem here, since I attended a talk, where the speaker
talked about stopping to use JMeter and this problem was one of the
reasons. The other reasons where: he is not really a GUI type and likes
python better (nothing we can do there :))

Any ideas?


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