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From Prajjwal Laad <>
Subject Visualizer unable to parse Content Type from XML file
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2020 07:32:23 GMT

I have encountered an issue with the Visualizer functionality with the latest JMeter master

Below are the details of the issue:

Steps to reproduce:

1. Record any website (google in my case) using Recording template. Make sure to configure
the View Results tree inside HTTP Test Script Recorder (say VR_1) to save the recording file
(say rec.xml).

2. Add another View Results tree (say VR_2) anywhere in the tree and open the recorded file.


In VR_1, the content type of the response is correctly shown as text/html.


But in VR_2, Where the recording is opened by browsing the file, it fails to parse the response
content type.


Environment: Windows 10, JDK 8
How did I run JMeter: Cloned the latest JMeter master branch and run './gradlew runGui'.

If anyone is able to reproduce the same issue kindly confirm.

Best Regards

Prajjwal Laad

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