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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Mapping objects with cycles
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2016 21:33:33 GMT

While discussing with Reinhard we came over an interesting use case:

public class Person {
  private String name;
  private Person marriedTo;

Person reinhard = new Person("reinhard");
Person anna = new Person("anna");


String json = Mapper.writeObjectAsString(reinhard);

Currently this sample would lead to an endless loop, right?

BUT, we can do something against it: We keep a Map<Object, Integer>. For each object
written we increment the number;
IF an object was already written before (comparison using == and not equals()!) then we write
a 'placeholder'


Not sure if we can use a simple number or whether we need to use a placeholder object with
e.g. "//javaType". 

But you get the idea I hope.

Any thoughts?


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