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From "Viens, Steve" <Steve.Vi...@FMR.COM>
Subject RE: [juddi-Developers] Authenticator
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 14:07:05 GMT
Hi Anou,

That's great news Anou, now how did we say we were going to add the
FindService & FindBusiness to CVS?  As for Sybase Universal Login, hopefully
you can contribute it but if not, no worries.

I wasn't really sure how useful XMLAuthenticator was in a real deployment
since it saves ID's and passwords in plain text.

I moved management of AuthTokens into the database because it seem more or
less independent of the authentication mechanism. Authentication to me was
the process of validating credentials and giving access - an AuthToken. 

Also, it was a step towards allowing jUDDI to be deployed in a clustered
environemnt (where two or more jUDDI servers in a cluster could handle
requests from the same client. I agree that expired AuthTokens should be
removed at some time but I wasn't certain that the best way to do it was by
having the run a thread in the background (since in a clustered environment
all webapps in a cluster might attempting to do that). 

Of course I never documented that :)


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From: Anou Manavalan [mailto:anou@trysybase.com] 
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Subject: [juddi-Developers] Authenticator


Find Business and Service works fine too. Checked it with the cmd line
uddi4j client and also with Sybase PowerDesigner tool.

I am going to develop the Authenticator that talks to the Sybase Universal
login - not sure if I can make it general enough to contribute, since the
Simple Authenticator is already like a plugin.

I looked at your XMLAuthenticator, previously your Authenticator had a Sweep
thread that cleans the AuthToken after a while, why was it removed now ? I
see that you have the tokens in the publisher table - shouldn't that be
cleaned too ? I will keep looking at it, but if you get time, let me know
your ideas.


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