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From Kurt T Stam <ks...@apache.org>
Subject new release v2.0rc5
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 22:08:08 GMT
I'm pleased to announce that we released a new version of jUDDI, version
Note that we decided to change the base version number from 0.9 to 2.0
to make
it correspond with the UDDI version it supports.

  Release Notes - jUDDI - Version 2.0rc5

** Bug
    * [JUDDI-5] - Incomplete FindQualifiers processing in queries
    * [JUDDI-6] - find_business by tModelBag returns unexpected results
    * [JUDDI-10] - Null ptr exception with find_service
    * [JUDDI-12] - FindServiceByNameQuery doesn't obey findQualifiers
    * [JUDDI-14] - possible issue with find_service using CategoryBag
    * [JUDDI-30] - jUDDI fails to deploy on JOnAS 4.1
    * [JUDDI-31] - Automatically generated discoveryURL is incorrect
    * [JUDDI-33] - findTModel returns unexpected results when trying to
filter results with categoryBag
    * [JUDDI-35] - The bindingTemplate element does contain a
categoryBag element but should not.
    * [JUDDI-36] -
Element {urn:uddi-org:api_v2}:description
    * [JUDDI-37] - Updating an existing tModel fails, and causes it to
be removed from registry
    * [JUDDI-41] - getTModelDetail bug
    * [JUDDI-42] - FindRelatedBusinesses function miss businessKey
    * [JUDDI-43] - IdentifierBag and CategoryBag should not be empty
    * [JUDDI-50] - Pb with appendOrderBy() method of
    * [JUDDI-57] - delete_business | service | binding do not return
problem keys in error text
    * [JUDDI-58] - SOAP Fault Element is not qualified with the SOAP
Envelope namespace
    * [JUDDI-60] - Database tables accomodate only 2-character language
    * [JUDDI-62] - LANG_CODE columns in Database DDL is too short
    * [JUDDI-63] - jUDDI responses are missing XML heading: <?xml
version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    * [JUDDI-64] - bindingTemplate does not check empty description
    * [JUDDI-65] - Searching for Business & Service by LANG_CODE
shouldn't require exact match
    * [JUDDI-66] - Ambiguous DispositionReport returned when invalid XML
is sent in SOAP request.
    * [JUDDI-67] - find_service should return matches when only
businessKey is provided.
    * [JUDDI-68] - ErrInfo element not found in E_success messages.
    * [JUDDI-69] - The SharedRelationship class is missing support for
the 'direction' attribute.
    * [JUDDI-70] - FindBindingByTModelQuery returns bindingTemplates
based on logical OR of tModel keys
    * [JUDDI-76] - The acquireConnection method in ConnectionManager is
spelled incorrectly
    * [JUDDI-81] - UDDI v2-compliant registry should come with tModels
    * [JUDDI-83] - jUDDI and MySQL 4.1 ubuntu release
    * [JUDDI-97] - invoking a juddi method from a web service
    * [JUDDI-98] - Result of sort by date is in reversed order in
searching function.
    * [JUDDI-103] -  Transient registry errors caused by jUDDI race
    * [JUDDI-106] - xml:lang attribute is serialized without namespace
    * [JUDDI-107] - Language code of the name attribute of the TModel is
not handled correctly
    * [JUDDI-111] - PUBLISHER table definition uses NULL in DB2 Database
    * [JUDDI-112] - jUDDI console - saveBinding pulls up the wrong XML;
saveBinding XML is incomplete
    * [JUDDI-113] - jUDDI error in a transacted environment
    * [JUDDI-114] - Classcast Exception on JBoss, Tomcat 6 on geronimo
    * [JUDDI-115] - Problems with JUDDI Oracle scripts
    * [JUDDI-116] - Drop statements in create_database.sql scripts
should be prefixed
    * [JUDDI-117] - juddi / JBossESB MySQL/PostGres ACCESS_POINT_URL size
    * [JUDDI-118] - Create two wars - one with axis jars (tomcat) one
without (jboss)
    * [JUDDI-119] - happyjuddi.jsp looking for stale dependencies

** Improvement
    * [JUDDI-59] - Rename ADMIN column of PUBLISHER table to support
Firebird SQL

** New Feature
    * [JUDDI-52] - Make Registry Specific Request in JAXR
    * [JUDDI-82] - Scripts to create a jUDDI DataSource using Informix
Dynamic Server
    * [JUDDI-101] - Axis2 Support
    * [JUDDI-108] - Add ability to configure MessageFactory from

** Task
    * [JUDDI-102] - Convert site generation to Maven
    * [JUDDI-104] - Add Maven2 support
    * [JUDDI-105] - Adding option to create the database at runtime
    * [JUDDI-120] - Update the docs, to reflect changes in setup
    * [JUDDI-121] - Update settings from 0.9rc4 to 2.0rc5
    * [JUDDI-123] - Rolling back Axis2 until we get a good axis2 build

** Wish
    * [JUDDI-74] - Make the Database tables used by jUDDI to be

We still have a few more issues to fix before we can release the final
v2 release, after which
we hope to start work on v3 (with UDDI v3 support).



Kurt T Stam

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