Ok, looks like the vote passed. I'll finish up the release process tonight and start on the next one (with CLI)

On Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 4:05 AM, Kurt T Stam <kurt.stam@gmail.com> wrote:
The signatures look good. I gave it a spin, and +1 from me.

I'd be fine with me to let it go out as is. We have 3+ votes now right? You can include the cli client in the next release. BTW great work as usual!



On 7/14/15 1:36 AM, Alex O'Ree wrote:
I've uploaded the asc and sha files too, however I just noticed that the cli client is not included with the client distro. Bugger. 

Our voting policy doesn't say what happens after 72 hours and we do not have a minimum number of votes for release.

On Sat, Jul 11, 2015 at 11:10 AM, Kurt Stam <kurt.stam@gmail.com> wrote:
Thx Alex, I hate to be a pain but you will need to sign the archives and upload the asc and sha files too. We are supposed to check them, and you will need them for the Apache download. Make sure you only sign files that have been in a secure place the entire time.

On Jul 11, 2015, at 00:19, Alex O'Ree <spyhunter99@gmail.com> wrote:

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 6:13 PM, Alex O'Ree <spyhunter99@gmail.com> wrote:
Uploading now. sorry about that...

On Fri, Jul 10, 2015 at 9:22 AM, Steve Viens <sviens@gmail.com> wrote:
My vote is +1

On Thu, Jul 9, 2015 at 7:30 PM, Alex O'Ree <alexoree@apache.org> wrote:
Dear jUDDI enthusiasts,

The new release is here! We are long overdue (again!). This release is primarily bug fixes however there's a number of new features. Just check out the release notes below!

Here’s are some highlights for this version 3.3.0
  • Implementation of UDDIv3 Replication API and completed implementation of the Custody Transfer API

  • juddi-gui, numerous enhancements, service editor was redesigned to help make binding editing easier and simpler, more i18n work and security fixes

  • Nodes can change IDs

  • More administrative UI capabilities

  • A semi full featured command line jUDDI client

With this release have have two distros, a juddi and a uddi-client. The juddi-distro has the server, client and gui, the uddi-client-distro has the client, the gui and our TCK. 

The release artifacts are staged in nexus:


and we have a tag at


Please give it a spin and cast your vote. This vote will be open for the next 72 hours per the release policy, which is:
- the vote will be closed as soon as 6 hours have past and  >7 +1 votes are received with no -1 vote being cast, or
 - if after 12h >5 +1 votes have been cast with no -1 vote, or
 - if after 24h if 3 +1 votes have been cast with no -1 vote, or failing that
 - after 72h provided at least 3 +1 votes have been cast and there is a majority of +1 votes from the cast votes.

My vote+1


  • [JUDDI-753] - Add jpa classes for the uddi replication data structures
  • [JUDDI-895] - add install data for replication config
  • [JUDDI-901] - update admin user interface
  • [JUDDI-906] - Create tck test cases for replication
  • [JUDDI-910] - Implement directed graph replication
  • [JUDDI-916] - reduce logout of replication related activities
  • [JUDDI-917] - juddi api adminSaveBusiness/TModel changes should be added for replicatation
  • [JUDDI-919] - investigate security options for the replication processes


  • [JUDDI-242] - Expand UDDI_090_SubscriptionListenerIntegrationTest to more elements
  • [JUDDI-256] - We need a test for CustodyTransfer
  • [JUDDI-644] - Subscription Integration Listener SMTP Tests fail intermittently on Windows
  • [JUDDI-653] - Build fails on Ubuntu using OpenJDK
  • [JUDDI-708] - juddi-client .NET mono compatibility
  • [JUDDI-734] - Handle when a Node changes it ID
  • [JUDDI-735] - juddi api wsdls do not have fault information listed
  • [JUDDI-739] - juddi-gui businessEditor throws up
  • [JUDDI-743] - UDDI_001_UDDIServiceTest has some invalid tests
  • [JUDDI-747] - Expand jUDDI API test cases
  • [JUDDI-749] - juddi-gui may throw NPE on redeploy
  • [JUDDI-752] - UDDI_040_BusinessServiceLoadTest fails to run
  • [JUDDI-870] - ORA-00910: specified length too long for its datatype in openjpa
  • [JUDDI-873] - Subscription Listener doesn't work for publisher assertion updates
  • [JUDDI-881] - find_business does not filter services when providing a tModelBag
  • [JUDDI-891] - revise juddi install data to match the root node id per spec
  • [JUDDI-892] - Broken links on juddi tomcat page
  • [JUDDI-896] - Fix miscellaneous miscellaneous typos and formatting issues
  • [JUDDI-897] - listDescription is not set for subscription result sets
  • [JUDDI-898] - Fix/update UDDIConstants class and default tmodel install data
  • [JUDDI-899] - findBinding by category bag doesn't work
  • [JUDDI-902] - When removing a publisher, subscriptions are orphaned
  • [JUDDI-903] - SQL Injection on JUDDI API service, delete_publisher
  • [JUDDI-908] - Enforce access control rules on deleting publisher assertions
  • [JUDDI-913] - Publisher Assertion digital signatures are not persisted in the database
  • [JUDDI-920] - jUDDI's support for HTTP based authentication doesn't work
  • [JUDDI-921] - Digital Signature Util can fail to validate with a NPE under certain conditions
  • [JUDDI-922] - ValueSetValidation rule processing is incorrect
  • [JUDDI-924] - CryptoUtil scripts main class is incorrect
  • [JUDDI-926] - juddi-gui save configuration isn't working correctly


  • [JUDDI-605] - Add configurable subscription callback trust stores for SSL
  • [JUDDI-726] - add source/wiki documentation for using Subscription for node replication
  • [JUDDI-900] - search results for find binding should go to the binding editor
  • [JUDDI-925] - add a flag to warn on non-ssl communication for security apis

New Feature

  • [JUDDI-608] - add support for tModels with encrypted values
  • [JUDDI-706] - Add more soap methods to juddi-api service
  • [JUDDI-725] - Add/support subscription api to synchronize two instances of juddi using callbacks
  • [JUDDI-744] - Add tck tests for uddi rest services
  • [JUDDI-755] - juddi-client add tModel helper functions
  • [JUDDI-825] - add value set validation rules
  • [JUDDI-861] - send smtp email confirmations when subscriptions/publisher accounts are removed
  • [JUDDI-862] - option to reject signed entities with invalid signatures
  • [JUDDI-905] - Add basic performance counters to the TCK
  • [JUDDI-907] - create juddi api methods to get an item's change history
  • [JUDDI-923] - change record browser for administrators
  • [JUDDI-931] - jUDDI CLI Client


  • [JUDDI-241] - Implement Replication API
  • [JUDDI-272] - FInish implementation of Custody transfer
  • [JUDDI-733] - Remove juddi-console project
  • [JUDDI-736] - Identify if the UDDI specs allows for node id changes or rename
  • [JUDDI-748] - Complete documentation of the 3.3.0 release functionality
  • [JUDDI-760] - correct links for mailing list
  • [JUDDI-894] - juddi-tomcat main page should be replaced
  • [JUDDI-912] - Update documentation for 3.3 release


  • [JUDDI-927] - Can not access status and statistic of admin