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From "Alex O'Ree" <spyhunte...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Release jUDDI-3.3.3
Date Sun, 11 Sep 2016 20:15:31 GMT
Dear jUDDI enthusiasts,

The new release is here! This release is primarily bug fixes.

The release distribution is temporarily available here

The release artifacts are staged in nexus:

and we have a tag at:

Please give it a spin and cast your vote. This vote will be open for
the next 72 hours per the release policy, which is:
- the vote will be closed as soon as 6 hours have past and  >7 +1
votes are received with no -1 vote being cast, or
 - if after 12h >5 +1 votes have been cast with no -1 vote, or
 - if after 24h if 3 +1 votes have been cast with no -1 vote, or failing that
 - after 72h provided at least 3 +1 votes have been cast and there is
a majority of +1 votes from the cast votes.



[JUDDI-945] - Validation error in the JUDDI web.xml (non-Tomcat containers)
[JUDDI-946] - Incorrect annotation on JPA entity classes
[JUDDI-951] - EntityManagerFactory not closed when undeploying juddi
[JUDDI-953] - juddi-core and juddi-core-openjpa do not use the same JPA version
[JUDDI-956] - Adding a tModel without category as Keyed Reference
Groups to another tModel generates an exception.
[JUDDI-958] - Running mvn clean install -Pdist fails (validation of
apache licences by rat plugin fails)
[JUDDI-959] - Running mvn clean install -Pdist fails with java 1.8
(javadocs generation problem)
[JUDDI-965] - DispositionReportFaultMessage is hiding exception messages
[JUDDI-966] - sources jars are no longer installed while building juddi


[JUDDI-947] - Avoid copying the source juddi-core in juddi-core-openjpa
[JUDDI-952] - Add unit test code coverage reports


[JUDDI-944] - update the gitignore file

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