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From Andrew Otto <o...@wikimedia.org>
Subject Re: How far off is branch 0.8 to -0.8.0-beta1-candidate1? Is branch 0.8 stable enough to be used in production?
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 15:03:22 GMT
I've been building the 0.8 branch and running tests in a semi-production environment and haven't
had any troubles yet.

I had one problem resulting from KAFKA-1046 where the Annotations*.scala files all were loaded
by our custom build system, resulting in duplicate class declarations.  We had to remove the
files for the Scala versions we weren't using in order to build properly.

We aren't using sbt though, so its possible sbt somehow avoids this problem.

On Sep 23, 2013, at 9:54 AM, Aniket Bhatnagar <aniket.bhatnagar@gmail.com> wrote:

> We are looking to adopt Kafka for our in stream processing use case. One of
> the issue seems to be that we use scala 2.10.2 however the the 0.8 Beta1
> release does not seem to support scala 2.10.x. As a result, we are not able
> to use Kafka Scala client. I was wondering if we can use branch 0.8 which
> seems to have the patch KAFKA-1046 incorporated. But I am not sure, if
> branch 0.8 is considered stable enough for production usage. I tried to do
> a diff of branches 0.8 and -0.8.0-beta1-candidate1 and there seems to be a
> lot of changes between the branches (about 193 different files). Any
> insight on this would be very helpful.
> Also, the other option is to build client jar (essentially core jar) from
> 0.8 branch and deploy 0.8 Beta1 release on server. Is that recommended?

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