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From Paul Mackles <pmack...@adobe.com>
Subject Re: full disk
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 16:16:16 GMT


Out of curioisity, is manually removing the older log files the only option at this point?

From: Paul Mackles <pmackles@adobe.com<mailto:pmackles@adobe.com>>
To: "users@kafka.apache.org<mailto:users@kafka.apache.org>" <users@kafka.apache.org<mailto:users@kafka.apache.org>>
Subject: full disk

Hi -

We ran into a situation on our dev cluster (3 nodes, v0.8) where we ran out of disk on one
of the nodes . As expected, the broker shut itself down and all of the clients switched over
to the other nodes. So far so good.

To free up disk space, I reduced log.retention.hours to something more manageable (from 172
to 12). I did this on all 3 nodes. Since the other 2 nodes were running OK, I first tried
to restart the node which ran out of disk. Unfortunately, it kept shutting itself down due
to the full disk. From the logs, I think this was because it was trying to sync-up the replicas
it was responsible for and of course couldn't due to the lack of disk space. My hope was that
upon restart, it would see the new retention settings and free up a bunch of disk space before
trying to do any syncs.

I then went and restarted the other 2 nodes. They both picked up the new retention settings
and freed up a bunch of storage as a result. I then went back and tried to restart the 3rd
node but to no avail. It still had problems with the full disks.

I thought about trying to reassign partitions so that the node in question had less to manage
but that turned out to be a hassle so I wound up manually deleting some of the old log/segment
files. The broker seemed to come back fine after that but that's not something I would want
to do on a production server.

We obviously need better monitoring/alerting to avoid this situation altogether, but I am
wondering if the order of operations at startup could/should be changed to better account
for scenarios like this. Or maybe a utility to remove old logs after changing ttl? Did I miss
a better way to handle this?


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