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From "Helleren, Erik" <Erik.Helle...@cmegroup.com>
Subject Re: automatically consume from all topics
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2015 13:48:50 GMT
So, there are several ways to do this.  Lets assume the goal is to add
more topics to the application at runtime.  And that this app is currently
written to be distributed via the magic of consumer groups.  Sadly, I
don¹t think the High level consumer is well designed for this particular
use case.  The app would have to poll using something like the topic list
script (bin/kafka-topics.sh --list Š), close the existing high level
consumer on a change, and start a new one.  And then do this on all the
nodes of your application (Should be easier than doing it on just one
actually).  This would result in a huge latency spike and a problem when
it comes to migrating the state involved in your example expectation.

The next option still requires polling, but it needs a custom FT and
distribution scheme.  There might need a leader so some things only happen
once.  Just use the simple consumer API, and have one thread per
partition.  The leader would have to tell a follower something like ³Start
listening to topic X, partition Y², which is risky and difficult to do.

The simplest option, assuming that each topic is independent when it comes
to expectations, is don¹t go with a cluster.  Just have a script/watcher
app that does the polling and then, when it detects new topics, for each
new topic: start a new instance of your app on a new box that listens to
that single topic.  It might take a few seconds to startup, but its easy
to code, easy to maintain, and easy to understand.  Which makes for a more
resilient application.

From:  Joris Peeters <j.peeters@wintoncapital.com>
Reply-To:  "users@kafka.apache.org" <users@kafka.apache.org>
Date:  Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 6:09 AM
To:  "users@kafka.apache.org" <users@kafka.apache.org>
Subject:  automatically consume from all topics

Is there a simple way to set up a consumer that automatically picks up all
the topics for all the partitions, dynamically extending its range as new
topics get created?
The underlying idea is that we want to have a few over-arching consumers
(I¹m aware that¹s not great for the scalability, but that¹s not such a
concern at present), to
Gather various statistics, metrics, system pressure, Š and dispatch to the
appropriate  monitoring systems,
Apply some end-to-end business-logic testing, to continuously assert
certain expectations (e.g. ³if this-sort-of message arrived, then we
expect that-sort-of-message to be received within this time² etc).

I¹m sure I can piece something together that does this, but perhaps it
comes out of the box. (Couldn¹t find it, though).
We¹re using the Java client and Kafka 8.2.1.
Joris Peeters
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