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From Peng Lei <peng.8...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ARM support for Kafka
Date Mon, 25 Jan 2021 01:38:19 GMT
Hi Kafka
    The email about whether Kafka supports arm ci has been send for a while
and no objections were raised. Can we just keep moving forward ? @junrao
<http://twitter.com/junrao> @ijuma <https://twitter.com/ijuma> , The PR I
have submitted [https://github.com/apache/kafka/pull/9872].  I don't have
permission to configure it to work. Can you help me?

Lei Peng

Peng Lei <peng.8lei@gmail.com> 于2021年1月18日周一 上午10:43写道:

> Hi Kafka
>      I'm pushing kafka to support arm ci. I think this is a very
> meaningful work because of it helps kafka get better. If Kafka supports
> arm, the following benefits are provided:
>     1. Kafka can be easily used by arm users. They do not need to worry
> about kafka being unavailable on the arm platform. With the arm CI, we can
> ensure that each code integration can run properly on the arm platform. If
> we do more, we can provide the official arm release package to benefit the
> ARM users. I think this is a very meaningful work for Kafka users on the
> arm platform.
>     2. More and more big data components, including Spark, Flink, and
> Hadoop, are supported on the arm platform. As the most popular message
> middleware, Kafka is often integrated with other components. If the arm
> platform is supported, the deployment of the entire service is more
> convenient and quick.In [https://ci-hadoop.apache.org/], you can see
> there are two arm servers to support arm ci for hadoop.
>     3. It is not difficult for kafka to support arm because of jvm. So
> it's not a waste of energy.
>     In order to get kafka to support arm ci, I did the following:
>     1、[https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/KAFKA-10759],All test cases
> are tested on the arm platform.
>     2、[https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-21203],Provide the arm
> machine to the Infra for testing the arm CI of the Kafka.
>     3、[https://github.com/apache/kafka/pull/9872], Modify the jenkinsfile
> to support the arm ci for kafka.
>      @junrao <http://twitter.com/junrao>   @nehanarkhede
> <http://twitter.com/nehanarkhede>  @allthingshadoop
> <https://twitter.com/allthingshadoop>   @jaykreps
> <http://twitter.com/jaykreps>   @mumrah <https://twitter.com/mumrah>
> @sriramsub1 <http://twitter.com/sriramsub1>   @blueboxtraveler
> <http://twitter.com/BlueBoxTraveler>  @guozhangwang
> <https://twitter.com/guozhangwang>   @gwenshap
> <https://twitter.com/gwenshap>   @d3fmacro <https://twitter.com/d3fmacro>
> @ewencp <https://twitter.com/ewencp>   @ijuma <https://twitter.com/ijuma>
> @gchenke <https://twitter.com/gchenke>   @damianguy
> <https://twitter.com/damianguy>  @MatthiasJSax
> <https://twitter.com/MatthiasJSax>   @vahidh <https://twitter.com/vahidh>
> @rhauch <https://twitter.com/rhauch>   @davidjacot
> <https://twitter.com/davidjacot>  What do you think about kafka's support
> for arm ci?
> Thanks
> Lei Peng

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