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From Guozhang Wang <wangg...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Yet Another Repartitioning Question About Kafka Streams
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2021 22:33:59 GMT
Hello Gareth,

1) For this scenario, its state should be reusable and we do not need to
read from scratch from Kafka to rebuild.

2) "Warmup replicas" is just a special standby replica that is temporary,
note that if there's no partition migration needed at the moment, the
num.warmup.replicas is actually zero; the difference of
`max.warmup.replicas` config and the `num.standby.replicas` config is that,
the former is a global limit number, while the latter is a per task number.
I.e. if you have a total of N tasks, and you have these configs set as P
and Q, then during normal processing you'll have (Q+1) * N total replicas,
while during a rebalance you may have up to (Q+1) * N + P total replicas.
As you can see now, setting P to a larger than one value means that a
single rebalance run may be able to warm-up multiple partitions yet to be
moved with the cost of more space temporarily, while having a smaller
number means you may need more rounds of rebalances to achieve the end
rebalance goal.

3) Yes, if there are standby replicas, then you can still access
standby's states via IQ. You can read this KIP for more details:


On Sun, Apr 4, 2021 at 12:41 PM Gareth Collins <gareth.o.collins@gmail.com>

> Hi,
> Thanks very much for answers to my previous questions here.
> I had a couple more questions about repartitioning and I just want to
> confirm my understanding.
> (1) Given the following scenario:
> (a) I have a cluster of Kafka stream nodes with partitions assigned to
> each.
> (b) One node goes down...and it goes down for long enough that a
> repartition happens (i.e. a time greater than
> scheduled.rebalance.max.delay.ms passes by).
> (c) Then the node finally comes back. If the state is still there can it
> still be used (assuming it is assigned the same partitions)...and only the
> delta read from Kafka? Or will it need to read everything again to rebuild
> the state? I assume it has to re-read the state but I want to make sure.
> (2) I understand warmup replicas help with minimizing downtime. If I
> understand correctly, if I have at least one warmup replica configured and
> if the state needed to be rebuilt from scratch in the scenario above,
> switchover back to the old node will be delayed until the rebuild is
> complete. Is my understanding correct? If my understanding is correct, why
> would you ever set more than one warmup replica? Or should warmup replicas
> usually be equal to standby replicas + 1 just in case multiple nodes are
> stood up simultaneously?
> (3) If I set the scheduled rebalance delay to be greater than 0 and a node
> goes down, will I be able to access the state data from other replicas
> while I am waiting for the rebalance?
> Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> Gareth

-- Guozhang

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