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From Charles Moulliard <cmoulli...@gmail.com>
Subject Suggestion : Generate assembly of Apache Karaf for Google Android
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2011 16:27:50 GMT

I would like to start a discussion concerning the idea to generate
during assembly of Apache Karaf a version who can be run on Google
Android platform (Mobile Device).

The existing process is quite tedious and could be simplified

export PATH=<path-to-android>/tools:$PATH
cd bin
dx --dex --output=classes.dex felix.jar
aapt add felix.jar classes.dex
Prepare the bundle JARS:

cd bundle
dx --dex --output=classes.dex org.apache.felix.shell-1.0.0.jar
aapt add org.apache.felix.shell-1.0.0.jar classes.dex
dx --dex --output=classes.dex org.apache.felix.shell.tui-1.0.0.jar
aapt add org.apache.felix.shell.tui-1.0.0.jar classes.dex
dx --dex --output=classes.dex EnglishDictionary.jar
aapt add EnglishDictionary.jar classes.dex
dx --dex --output=classes.dex FrenchDictionary.jar
aapt add FrenchDictionary.jar classes.dex
dx --dex --output=classes.dex SpellChecker.jar
aapt add SpellChecker.jar classes.dex
Transfer all of them to the emulator (note that you need some kind of
unix-like shell, such as the Mac OS X terminal or Linux):

cd osgi-android
emulator &
find * -type f -exec adb push {} /data/felix/{} \;

Some maven plugins exist and could be used to generate DEX files
required by Davik Virtual Machine -->


Running Apache Karaf on Android platform could be of great interest as
it could allow the deployment of ActiveMQ and usage in offline mode on

What do you think about that ?


Charles Moulliard

Sr. Principal Solution Architect - FuseSource
Apache Committer

Blog : http://cmoulliard.blogspot.com
Twitter : http://twitter.com/cmoulliard
Linkedin : http://www.linkedin.com/in/charlesmoulliard
Skype: cmoulliard

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