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From Andreas Pieber <anpie...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Switch to Java 1.6?
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2011 03:08:05 GMT
Yep, I'm completely of your opinion belonging the 2.2.x JDK releases.

But I think 2.3.x wouldn't be enough. I'm afraid that industry will
demand feature releases of karaf for at least another year or two and
a 2.3.x line for jdk6 will prevent us from doing feature releases
based on jdk5; a 3.x line wouldn't.

2011/1/5 Jamie G. <jamie.goodyear@gmail.com>:
> Perhaps a 2.3.x line? Departing from JDK 1.5 support would represent
> enough of a change IMHO to require some sort of higher version number
> change. I'm not too much of a fan of having separate  2.2.x JDK 1.5+
> and JDK 1.6+ kits... would just lead to confusion in deployment and
> debugging.
> 2011/1/4 Andreas Pieber <anpieber@gmail.com>:
>> Actually I think we should name it karaf-2.x.x, but otherwise yes. At
>> least I would prefer this solution compared to a jdk6-branch since
>> 3.0.0 will allow us more freedom from a logical point of view (IMHO)
>> kind regards,
>> andreas
>> 2011/1/5 Jamie G. <jamie.goodyear@gmail.com>:
>>> So just to be clear, you are proposing we branch our current mainline
>>> to 2.2.x and then have main become 3.0.x (which will JDK 1.6 going
>>> forward)?
>>> 2011/1/4 Andreas Pieber <anpieber@gmail.com>:
>>>> The problem is that in industry still many ppl use jdk1.5. What I
>>>> would like is to branch off karaf-2.x.x and update karafs version to
>>>> 3.0.0 in trunk. I think the mainlines we'll be identical enough to
>>>> support both versions easily for at least another year or two (by
>>>> simply cherry-picking commits from trunk to 2.2.x) and simply do not
>>>> implement all features on both branches (e.g. KARAF-53 for 3.x.x
>>>> only).
>>>> kind regards,
>>>> andreas
>>>> 2011/1/4 Łukasz Dywicki <luke@code-house.org>:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> Some time ago I created issue KARAF-328 which is sticky card about JVM
>>>>> version policy.
>>>>> Now I am a bit confused because I would like get rid XML parsing from
>>>>> feature service and switch it to JAXB while working on KARAF-53. I know
>>>>> build is made on JVM 1.5 and this change will broke capability with older
>>>>> virtual machines. I wouldn't force anyone to upgrade but moving to new
>>>>> version can simplify our life a bit. :-)
>>>>> Note that CXF, ActiveMQ and Camel works with Java 1.5. We have JRE 1.5
>>>>> JRE 1.6 profiles in jre.properties. From my point of view it is not a
>>>>> problem to stay with 1.5 but if it make sense to stay with version which
>>>>> supported only if you pay Oracle for? As another note - JVM 1.5 was released
>>>>> in May 2004 and it is 6 year old. What do you think about that?
>>>>> Best regards,
>>>>> Lukasz

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