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From Achim Nierbeck <bcanh...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: KAR feature not doing what the docs say it should
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 08:04:27 GMT

I like that proposal. +1

2011/3/2 David Jencks <david_jencks@yahoo.com>:
> this sure has gotten long :-)
> Lets see if I can summarize... maybe we can double the length...
> First, the features.xml generation and kar assembly are done in separate mojos, and the
feature packaging stops after feature generation whereas the kar packaging generates the features.xml
and then assembles a kar.
> Features generation:
> I think we all agree that the output from features generation should express pretty much
all the options available in a features.xml.  Some of these are going to be easy to derive
from pom dependencies and other native pom information, some are going to be easy to derive
from maven plugin configuration, and some are going to be easier to express in a source features.xml
that is modified.
> The one thing that the current features generation doesn't do is include more than one
feature in a generated features.xml.  I'm not sure how important this is.  One option should
we decide to support it would be to have a plugin configuration option that includes the features
from maven dependencies that are features.  In other words, in a features or kar project
A,  if one of the maven dependencies B is a features packaging project, we would include
the features from B's feature.xml in the generated features.xml for A.
> kar assembly:
> I think there's supposed to be way of controlling whether a dependency gets included
in the kar, I'm not sure if that's implemented yet.
> We might want more flexibility about where resources get unpacked on installation.
> validation:
> I think this is the main area of controversy.  There are two aspects:
> 1. should we validate that dependencies mentioned in the preexisting features.xml are
also (transitive) maven dependencies of the project
> 2. should we include dependencies mentioned in the preexisting features.xml that are
not known to maven in a kar.
> My answer to these are 1 yes, 2 no.  (2 is only relevant if you answer 1 no).
> 2: if maven doesn't know about a dependency, then you need a way outside maven to find
the dependency in order to include it in the kar.  I guess this would involve configuring
the pax-mvn-url stuff.  But this duplicates maven configuration.  This is just a bad idea
and pretty much guarantees a non-portable build.
> 1. I think this is usually a good idea, but essential for kar packaging.  I'd be OK
with having an option to turn it off for standalone feature packaging, especially for non-mvn
url dependencies.
> -------------
> We might start needing some more concrete examples to focus the discussion.  For instance
seeing what Adrian means by "ergonomic" might be useful and insteresting.
> And as a side note.... karaf 3 is java 6 so it should be OK now to move the jaxb classes
from tooling into the feature deployer runtime?
> thanks
> david jencks

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