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From Daniel Kulp <dk...@apache.org>
Subject JIRA's w/ Attachments list
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 15:01:52 GMT

Couple folks asked me this morning about how CXF is doing it's weekly 
"Issues with Attachments" email.   I just sent a "Karaf" version to 
dev@karaf.   If you think it's important to have done weekly so things don't 
get lost, it's not hard.   From people.apache.org, you can do:

/home/dkulp/bin/runreport \
  http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/cxf/trunk/bin/jira-report.tmpl \
  12311140  KARAF dev@karaf.apache.org  

although that will send the mail as me.   You can copy the "runreport" 
script someplace and edit the from line there and the location of the 
swizzle-jirareport jar.

I have in my crontab on p.a.o:

14 8 * * 1  /home/dkulp/bin/runreport  ..... 

to run it once a week.   One of the karaf folks should likely set that up if 
the community would like it regularly.

Note: the cxf/trunk/bin/jira-report.tmpl can also be copied into karaf 
someplace and edited if you want the report to look different or go back 
more than 4 weeks or similar.

Daniel Kulp
dkulp@apache.org - http://dankulp.com/blog
Talend Community Coder - http://coders.talend.com

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